Drake Tax Software

Today, there are various taxation application and software that businesses and tax preparers can pick from. But when they choose the application or the software, they should make a final decision only after observing all the features of the application and also its usability. Some of the important factors to look upon while choosing the software are the availability of customer support, the size of the business, and the overall budget.

Hosted Drake Software is one of the most preferred taxation software across the globe. It is being used by most tax preparers, financial advisers, CPAs, and other financial professionals due to the unparalleled benefits that they receive. Below are some of the most useful features of Drake Tax Software.

1. Documents

Managing all the papers and forms regarding the whole transaction process can be very difficult for businesses as they have to safely store all the papers for future tax filing. With Drake, it becomes easier to store all the documents in a digital state securely and systematically. Users can access these documents whenever they want, this eliminates all the hassle of storing the papers.

2. Importing Data

Businesses can easily import data from other applications such as QuickBooks and Write-Up whenever they need it. Users can also import spreadsheets directly into Drake. With the 8949 Import tool, Drake enables users to import the broker statements of their clients directly in the 8949-import template in excel format. They can either copy the template from the knowledge base that has been provided or even create a custom template according to their needs. Businesses can install Drake on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and import data from other applications such as QuickBooks remotely.

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3. Research Tool

With the research tool included within the software, businesses can research all the tax news and tax changes that take place in the market. It can easily be accessed by clicking the Research button on the toolbar. Users can add relative and precise keywords of the tax software from which they want to research and get the latest changes.

4. Tax Planner

One of the most useful features in Drake Tax software is the Tax Planner. It assists all the tax preparers and other finance professionals to plan the taxes of their clients for the coming six months. They can even analyze the current tax scenario with the previous ones like buying of assets, change in the amount of income, marriage, and much more.

5. Scheduler

With the scheduler feature, users can keep all their work organized by enabling them to add schedules and make appointments for themselves and their clients. They can also generate batch appointments for multiple consumers.

6. Data Restore and Backup

For all the tax preparers and businesses, the data of their clients is very important as it is needed during the tax filing process. With Drake businesses get an auto-backup feature that ensures that all the data is securely backed up and is available to restore in case of any emergency.

As you see, these are some of the useful features that can help finance professionals and taxpayers carry out their day-to-day businesses processes efficiently. Apps4Rent offers reliable migration services like Office 365 Tenant to Tenant with secured end-user support and maintenance.

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