Give Your Home a Modern, Stylish Look with Panel Wallpaper

Panelling has been an interior masterpiece for years, with its exquisite detailing and historic elegance dating all the way back to the 13th century. Panelling adds such a creative flair to your walls, whilst adding texture and a stunning focal point to any room. Although panelling is certainly a timeless feature, it can entail a lot of labour, materials and time. We want to give you the luxurious design without the hard work, so it is no surprise that panel wallpaper is becoming more popular than ever. With its Georgian touch and classic essence panel wallpaper is certainly one to make a statement in your home


The Evolving Creativity 

The beauty of panel wallpaper is that it keeps up to date with the latest styles and trends, home interior is ever-evolving and so is our own creativity. The ease of being able to spruce up your living space is easier than ever before with our stunning range of tile wallpaper and Panel wallpaper designs which will be sure to add style and character to your walls, creating a sophisticated and architectural feature to any room.   

Valuable Time  

Not only does panelling take a lot of labour and patience to create, but the upkeep of wood can be really time consuming. From re-applying wax, weekly dusting and being prone to scuffs and marks, wooden panels can take up a lot of valuable home time. The Panel effect wallpaper revitalises your space, giving you the classy and classic style without the upkeep but still looks just as iconic.  

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Dashing Details 

If you’re looking for a flawless finish and distinctive details then panel style wallpaper is the answer. Detailing with wood can be troublesome, with snags, and the swelling of wood being a cause for concern, panel wallpaper possesses eccentric detail that will be the centre of attention in any room. With a classic touch of Georgian architecture, panel wallpaper certainly catches those shadows and extraordinary details that take hours and precision with wood.  

Dashing Details

Decorate to your Design 

The beauty of this unique wallpaper design is that not only does it bring a luxurious historic ambience to your home, there are so many styles that whether you are into maximalism or minimalism, chic interior or more modern designs, the panel design achieves an elegant and luxurious feature to refine your space for any interior style.    

The importance of colour  

The colour you choose for your room will really portray its character, so be sure to get a feel for your space and what you want to achieve before choosing your design and colour. Remember darker colours create the illusion of a smaller room, whilst complementing a warmer and cosier style, whereas lighter colours create the look of a bigger room and opens up space, presenting more of a chic design. Our wide range of designs and colours offer the luxurious illusion of panels suited for any interior style, our extravagant variety of wallpaper makes finding a design to uplift your interior easier than ever.

A Modern twist

Although panelling has reflected historical architecture in home interior, we have taken a modern twist to the unique design. With our minimalistic outlined panel wallpaper, with high resolution quality and detail, it is just as much of a show stopper but with a delicate and elegant touch that can’t be achieved with wood. Our Outlined panel wallpaper still brings the beauty of class and sophistication, whilst adding a minimalistic touch that would look stunning in chic or modern home interiors. The popularity of delicate panel styled wallpaper has really rocketed since wooden panelling can look quite bulky when trying to achieve a more elegant look. 

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A Modern twist

Not Just a classic 

Panelling Is not just limited to squares and rectangles, you can also be creative with it and push the boundaries. Our collection features stunning Georgian Regency period-inspired designs that add elegance and uniqueness to your space. The stunning details are unmatched and what better way to master this timeless design than with wallpaper. With panel wallpaper there is no limit to your imagination and the possibilities are endless. With a touch of creativity and the help of stunning wallpaper designs, your interior can be effortlessly transformed.  If you’re looking for a design that has more of a bold statement then Tile effect wallpaper is the perfect addition to your home, you can shop the collection here

Not Just a classic

Architectural Georgian styled Wallpaper showing extraordinary detail and depth 

Looking for inspiration? At Mineheart we offer a stunning range of panel wallpaper that adds elegance, quirkiness and volume to your home. If you are looking for something a bit more unique check out our range of tile effect wallpapers.


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