How to Fix Sleeping Mode Issues in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system that there is in the market. Windows has previously released operating systems that have been at the top of their game. Every computer needs Windows software to function fully effectively. Windows 10 is the best of them all, it is an extremely updated version. Windows 10 fully deserves this demand as they provide great features that will enhance your computer. It specifically has this feature that is in great demand. It is called Sleeping mode. If you put it in sleeping mode, it will help you save energy.

However, sometimes it might not deliver completely. Some users have complained that they face the “Windows 10 Sleeping mode not working” problem. With a simple and free trick, your computer won’t go to sleep mode automatically when you need it to. This issue is mostly experienced by Windows users with big graphic cards. So if you are using such an OS to power your PC, you need this article to know how to fix this sleeping issue. If your computer is overheating, then this trick will help cool your computer down.

How can you solve this Windows 10 not sleeping problem?

You can stop this problem of Windows 10 not sleeping by using the below-mentioned steps. 

1. You see, when you set up your PC for sleep mode, Windows saves all your changes in the registry. Every time you use your PC, it needs to read 100’s of settings in the registry. This makes your computer work harder than it has to, and it ends up using way too much resources. In addition, your PC won’t be able to shut down gracefully when this happens. To stop the computer from running too much and to save battery power, try the following trick.

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2. While you’re using your PC, Windows starts tracking a few different things. However, it doesn’t realize that it’s doing so, which leads your computer to run incredibly slowly. This means that if you set your computer for sleep mode, Windows won’t be able to automatically turn off all the unnecessary programs. This will cause Windows to run slower than usual, as it has to take more time to do its job.

3. To fix this issue, you just need to open up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. On the taskbar, you will see a series of icons with numbers inside. These numbers will vary depending on the different programs you’re running, but you will probably only be seeing a few at a time. Click on the “stack” icon, right next to the “system settings” icon.

4. You will then notice a long series of boxes, one after the other. Each of these boxes is a program that’s running on your computer, and each one is being used to keep your computer organized. If you want to know more about how Windows manages programs and how they run, this is a great place to start out.

5. Unfortunately, there are some common problems that can cause this behavior. For instance, if your Internet connection is always on, Windows can end up taking longer to process your information. This means that Windows is taking more time to read the files it needs, slowing it down. It’s a common enough problem that you’ll be able to find more information about it by searching online.

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6. Fortunately, you can do the same thing to make sure this never happens again. One of the best ways to make sure you get the most out of your computer is to use one program to run all the time, even when it’s asleep. The program we’re talking about is called “Sleeping Nodules Detox”. If you have a PC that’s running with Windows 10, you should download this program and use it to clean out any of the junk that’s clogging up your computer so that you can enjoy a peaceful and restful night’s sleep again.

7. This option of using a faster startup is used to start your computer faster and that might be the reason for the sleeping mode not working. So, disable that option for the sleeping mode to work.

  • Look if System Drivers are updated. This is a major reason that is ignored by users. Check if it is up to date, if not get it to solve the Computer won’t go to sleep mode problem.
  • Go and look at your sleep mode settings. If it is turned off then obviously your computer would not go to sleep mode. Turn it on.

If your windows 10 won’t sleep automatically, then try these steps and your problem will be solved.

Wrap Up

Sleeping in Windows has always been a bit of an annoyance for those who use Windows computers, but it’s never been a serious issue for your PC like it is with Windows 10. Now, you can even use programs like the above to help eliminate the snags that are causing it. The snags that are causing this issue are all caused by the junk files & settings that are leftover from previous versions of Windows. They make your computer slow down, cause errors, and are just generally annoying. But now you can use one of the top tools out there to get rid of them.

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