Unleash Your Desi Avatar With These Modified Indian Outfits for Men

Donning those slick and light-colored Kurta pajamas on formal events or informal parties is a craze with the modern, happy generation of present times. Almost every male had probably made an attempt of putting on a Nehru jacket with Kurta Pajama outfit, to look stylish but traditional. In any case, when one analyzes traditional Indian outfits for men, there is some serious shortage of design creativity. Opposed to Indian outfits for women, that undergo new trends and style pretty much every other week, the traditional outfits for men have remained unchanged for quite a while.

Moreover, the fashion fads that have been popular some years ago, haven’t created any buzz today, never providing men enough opportunities to revamp their ethnic closet. Notwithstanding, since a year ago, some famous designers have conjured up some breath-taking ideas to redo practically all the ethnic menswear. From a la mode Nehru jacket to Indo-western Sherwani, the macho males have some fashionable innovations to refurbish their ethnic closet with.

Retouch Of Classic Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri suits are one of the ethnic attires, to help create a chivalrous look. Tracing its roots to the Jodhpur area of Rajasthan, Jodhpuri suits are one of the most tasteful wedding outfits for men. The graceful cut of the dress, along with the flamboyant texture of the vintage fabric, manifests the majestic origins of the costume. The hallmark mandarin collar, traditionally called Bandhgala, also distinguishes its vintage appeal. Furthermore, if you are now stricken by this royal charm of traditional Jodhpuri suits, then you’d likely be truly eager to view how only a little designer touch to the suit can magnify its esthetic attractiveness.

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One trendy option to give a designer look to a traditional Jodhpuri mens Kurta online, is by creating a style using diagonal frontline. To say the truth, diagonal lines in attires generate a gripping action for eyes, making them move from one element to the next. To become the centerpiece of people, you should try on the Jodhpuri suits with diagonal frontlines, when you attend your next wedding function. You may blend in the two styles of the front line, straight and diagonal, for a more unique designer allure. The Jodhpuri suit you put on will receive the attention of every guest while appreciating eyes adore your unique fashion sense.

Another extravagant option to transform traditional Jodhpuri suit into a voguish attire is, with the addition of designer fastening. The latest, in-fashion trend among ethnic menswear involves bandhgala Jodhpuri suits, with an extra layer at front, but, with an asymmetric cut. This style in Jodhpuri attires will separate you from others, and make you the center of attraction of every true fashion enthusiast.

Renew Your Sherwani Looks

The timeless attire for a typical wedding look, Sherwanis too, has undergone some exciting designer updates lately. The emergence of Indo-western sherwani has shaken up the ethnic world. The inventiveness behind this concept of taking this traditional wedding wear and revamp it with designer cuts was praised all over. And today it has become a distinguished category in itself, well known in the fashion world as Indo-western Sherwanis.

In the event that you have consistently enjoyed the cool appeal of double-breasted jackets, then you would be especially happy with this designer’s take on Indo-western sherwani. The chic look of such double-breasted Indo-western sherwani is certain to magnify your chivalrous vibes in customary menswear.

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The vintage Angrakha style when revamped with the new-age cuts and assembled into the infamous wedding sherwani plus men’s Kurta online, the outcome is just fantabulous. Such stylish indo-western sherwanis weave the charisma of mixing two of the most celebrated and majestic attires for men and mingle them into an entity that makes it unbelievably simple, for men to be a bona fide debonair, with a refreshing style in ethnic wear.


Designer Attires don’t generally need to have luxurious cuts and intricate additions. Something as basic as a solid-color can recharge the vibes of the whole ensemble, with a trendy touch. In most indo-western sherwanis, this is accomplished with fabrics, having a natural sheen like velvet and silk, that further magnify the pertinence of the outfit, for a wedding festivity


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