Translate Texts from Images

Do you need to translate texts that you see on an image? All you need is Google Translate. The software has an image feature that works with all languages that the app features.

Do you want to know how it works? 

In this article, the Future Trans’ Arabic translation services will take you through the process to understand it.

So, where do we begin?

About the Google Translate

Google Translate app is a multilingual program that Google developed in 2006. It can translate texts, websites, and documents into multiple target languages. The program comes as a website interface, smartphone app, or programming application.

The program can translate in over 100 languages. Notably, its number of users continues to rise. Also, it translates billions of words daily.

During the translation process, Translate converts words from their original language into the English language. Afterward, it translates the words into the target language.

Also, Translate looks for patterns in its database to select the words and their contextual nature. Rather than translating word for word, the program translates words from a whole sentence. Afterward, it rearranges the words for grammatical accuracy.

Google Translate has undergone several transformations since its inception in 2006. Notable among the changes is the procurement of Word Lens, a translation application that Quest Visual developed.

Word Lens uses inbuilt cameras to scan and identify text automatically. Afterward, the application translates the foreign text into a preferred language. One can select the preferred languages from the display of the device that hosts the Word Lens application.

In November 2016, Google Translate adopted the neural machine translation method. The new method employs deep learning techniques. The techniques help the program to translate whole sentences at a go.

The functions of Google Translate include translating:

  • Written words
  • Websites
  • Documents
  • Speech
  • Mobile apps
  • Images
  • Handwritten words

How to Translate Texts from Photos

You have to follow a simple procedure to translate texts from photos. The process is as follows:

  1. Take a photo of the texts that you want to translate.
  2. Open the Google Translate app or website interface.
  3. Select your preferred language. The top-left option allows you to select a language or detect a language. On the other hand, the top-right option helps you choose a language that you can read.
  4. Select the “Camera” option below the text box. To translate the entire text, click “instant”. To translate a part of the text, select “scan”, and then “Capture”. You can use your finger when selecting the texts you will translate. Otherwise, you can opt for “select all.”
  5. If you have already stored photos that require translation, you should select “Import” from the bottom-right side of the interface. Afterward, repeat the selecting procedure as discussed above.
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Why You Need Translation Services

Did you know that skilled and qualified translators participate in offering translation services? Most of the apps and website interfaces are a brainchild of subject matter experts that used their native language.

So, whenever you seek translation services, have confidence in the results.

What makes the services important?

  1. Recognition of structural differences – When the translation process is on, the translation programs pick the structural differences between the languages. Such a feature increases the accuracy of the translation. So, you end up with meaningful content.
  2. Consideration of different ways of conveying a message – When you engage a translating software, you will find that different languages use different ways of sending a similar message. Hence, you end up feeling confident when communicating even though you are doing it differently.
  3. Improved linguistic skills – When you use translation services, you switch from native to foreign language instantly. The action helps to improve your fluency. Also, you end up using an engaging way to learn a new language.

Translating Effectively

Do you want to achieve quality results when translating texts? The following tips will help you succeed in your translating exercise:

  1. Take a short paragraph of the texts that you want to translate. Taking the whole document will give you the daunting task of understanding every word it contains. You can opt for around 400 words. If you feel more skilled, you can opt for a lengthier paragraph.
  2. Translate the short paragraph into the language you understand – it can be your native language.
  3. Spend some time on the translated texts. You may need to consult a dictionary to look up any vocabulary. Importantly, be mindful of the context. Some words can change the meaning of a sentence.
  4. Translate the text back to its original language. The move will help you think in a foreign language. Also, back-translating enables you to notice the errors you used to make when using a foreign language.
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When to Translate Texts from Images

You may feel that Google Translate is a reserve of those that require you to learn a new language. If these are your thoughts, then you are wrong. You can use the program for your day-to-day errands. Some of the uses include:

  • Reading product labels – Currently, trade has gone international – thanks to the advance in global technology. So, you will find that several products that you will find in the market have labels in a foreign language. If you do not have Translate, you will miss on several benefits that the products carry.
  • Troubleshooting gadgets – Have you ever bought an electronic device with settings in a foreign language? If you do not understand the language of the settings, you will have to take the gadget to a repair center. You can’t imagine taking a device to a technician to adjust the settings. So, Google Translate will help you capture the texts and read them to understand their meaning.
  • Embracing diversity – In a country with more than one language, Google Translate will help you understand some of the texts from signboards with a different language. Hence, you can translate menus, wall hangings, quotes, and songs. So, you will achieve cultural intelligence because you will understand their language.
  • Locating services – If you are traveling, the translation program will help you find some of the services you need. Often, service providers place signboards on their business outlets. Taking a picture of the outlets will help you understand what the business owners are offering.
  • Getting direction – When traveling in a new location, you can easily pick up direction by translating texts from images. Roads feature signboards that name the specific area where the road passes. Translating the text from the signboards will keep you moving without missing your direction.

How to Access Google Translate

PC or Laptop

If you are using a PC or laptop, you should go for the website interface of Google Translate. To get there, you will use the URL Pasting the URL on your browser will lead you to the site.

After getting to the site, you can copy and paste the text you want to translate on the left side. You can also take a photo using your webcam, and then load it to the translating program using the procedure above.

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When using a phone, you are required to have a smartphone. Such a phone will enable you to download the Google Translate app.

After downloading the app, you should follow the discussed process of translating texts.

Sharing Translations

If you are in a group or you want to share your translations, Google Translate will help you.

After receiving the translation, you will see some icons below the results. First, you have the option of copying and pasting the results on your clipboard. Afterward, you can paste them on your email, short message, or social media channel to share them.

Alternatively, you can use the three dots that appear vertically to see the available sharing options.

Translating While Offline

Do you know that you do not require the internet to translate texts? Even though Translate works best when connected to the internet, you can still translate your texts in several languages.

First, you should download your language pack. To do it, click on the three horizontal lines appearing on the top-left corner. Afterward, select the “offline translation” option. You will see the already downloaded languages and the option to add more languages to use when translating offline.

You can also clear the previous languages that you do not need to accommodate more new languages.

Translating a Handwriting

Google Translate allows you to translate your handwriting. To do it, click the “pen icon”. A writing panel will appear for writing what you need to translate.

To translate your handwriting successfully, you should write neatly. Also, your handwriting should be legible.

Getting More Information

If you are unsure of how to translate texts from images, you can liaise with Future Trans. You shall get your document, webpage, or other material translated into your preferred Middle East or African language.

Regardless of the amount of work your translation requires, we shall take time to translate it.

We pride ourselves on giving high-quality translation services only.


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