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Colors, acronyms, and word associations can be particularly useful tools to help you keep your thoughts, patterns, and concepts together. When reading the latest marketing books or accounting textbooks, use a different colored pen and write down what you have studied in the margins.

To understand important concepts, combine them with abbreviations. With the help of abbreviations, you will be able to remember the complex concepts for a long time. Every student should try this method, it will be very helpful. 

This is talked about a lot in business materials, especially leadership. To apply this to your teaching methods, look at the concepts you want to learn in general and determine the minimum you need to know to understand them. Then study first. You can create your training shortcuts. 

If a new concept feels overwhelming, break it up. All tasks can be divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced. Even if it already seems like a small concept, no matter how simple it is, it can always be broken down into more parts. An example is 

Networking technology

It’s a bit tricky at first, but breaking it down into smaller parts: identifying events in your industry, connecting with organizers, exploring potential connections, and saying hello to them when you see them will help you focus on each individually and better understand them. All schools must have lms portals for managing school activities. 

Other parts of the brain are used to record information rather than read. Instead of scanning and absorbing external stimuli, writing forces us to process, organize, and apply them in our way. Once you understand how Debt and Receivables work, write them down in the margins and sometimes sit back and write about them as if you were explaining them to a friend.

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Record everything you think about the topic during the day. Keep a pile of notes or use the notes app on your phone. Your brain will get used to processing, and you will easily discover which elements of the concept are important to you and which are not. Teachers should use the best software for online teaching

Combining new concepts with our existing knowledge is one of the best ways to build long-term memories that last in hours rather than years. This is why metaphors are so effective in the classroom. As you study, find a way to connect what you are learning with your current knowledge of the subject.

For example, a new accounting principle could be similar to the way supermarket aisles work. Perhaps it brings up a memory of a family member. If a surprise relation springs to mind, it`s your brain attempting to connect the dots. Keeping your brain active with puzzles like crosswords and sudoku greatly increases your brain’s ability to process complex information, retain data relationships and think critically.

Repetition and consistency build up our neural pathways. The more you exercise those pathways, the stronger and faster they`ll be. Between study sessions, test your mind with sudoku, crossword puzzles, one-player card games, or anything that uses brain skills similar to what you’re trying to learn in business. You may have heard of the various forms of learning.

Each person processes information in a slightly different way and has a preferred input that helps you absorb concepts faster. 

Are you a visual learner and enjoy looking at sales charts or images? Do you enjoy listening to marketing podcasts the most? Or do you need to jump into the market and start using new technology as a website? Find out which method works best for you and prioritize it.

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If you want to speed up your learning, find a small community, talk about it, and find opportunities to share what you’ve learned with others. Many forums and groups on marketing, design, information technology, accounting, etc. are discussing the tools and techniques already in use.


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