Top Five Tips to Bring Your Essay to the Next Level

Essays represent the critical analysis capability of an individual and their understanding regarding the topic. Some students find essay writing a fun task while to others it may sound daunting. 

Nonetheless, if you have achieved proficiency in writeups similar to Oedipus the King essay topics, the writing field is wider than your skills. So how about getting exceptional from great? 

Following are the answers to the questions every essay checker looks up to while marking your essay writing skills. 

1. Read 

Writers learn from writers. From reading your favorite novelist to reading your colleague’s essay, both the writeups will enhance your essay writing skills along with the development of catchy content, understandable essay writing tone, and the art of presenting various arguments. Though noble novelists have mastered the art of writing, they will always be your first inspiration. Nevertheless, a good reader is a great writer. 

Be a critical thinker while reading other’s work. Ask yourself the likes and dislikes in their writeups. Either their argument’s evidence is understandable or has they used any specific writing skill you are unaware of? Only then a writer attains the production of a well-structured essay. 

2. Vocabulary 

The skill of utilizing appropriate vocabulary will follow you till your last write up as it’s an infinite path of learning. Better vocabulary creates clear essays where the readers are not trapped in the puzzle of rambling points. 

Oedipus the king essay topics are one of the major examples of smart utilization of easy-to-read yet diverse vocabulary which is beneficial to impress the essay checker and reader. 

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3. Elevator’s Pitch

To get the essay structured accordingly, you must have an elevating pitch planned which eases the process of research for content creation. The only way to win the audience’s heart is to establish a clear topic understanding. Elevators pitch plan is basically a short snappy summary of why the readers should continue reading your writeup. 

The technique of Elevator Pitch is utilized by salespeople in which they have to conduct an argument to convince the client to either buy the project or develop interest for knowing more about the brand itself. Here your essay is the product, you are the salesperson and your target audience is the customer. 

4. Readability Factor

Readability is attained through the appropriate insertion of syntax, punctuation, and essay tone. Oedipus the King essay topics is one of the most read tragic plays in Ancient Greek history as the writer composed it in a creative yet easy-to-read manner. Thus, apt incorporation of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure formation go hand in hand. 

After the essay completion, give yourself a read and ask if the writeup was structured properly? Is the content engaging? Is the written data authentically informative for the readers? 

With the right tone of voice and vocabulary, you can turn a boring academic essay into an engaging treat for the readers. The utilization of active voice over passive voice establishes a sense of confident writing tone which boosts up your reader’s interest too. Thus reassure the readers that they are guarded. 

5. Conclusive & Evidence-Supported Essays Are Show Stealers 

Understanding the essence of writing a topic allows you to plan the presentation of arguments in support of relevant evidence, reasoning, and scholarships with proper citations. 

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First, you will establish a question, then define the topic, and ultimately bless the reader with evidence to develop a coherent essay with a well-defined theme. Insertion of facts, quoting topic relevant scholars and statistical illustrations add life to an essay. 

Last but not least, another overlooked part of an essay is the final part or conclusion. Instead of replicating the introduction, your conclusion must be the final tie to join all the ends together. A vague conclusion even drowns a high tide essay as it fails to outline the points discussed in the above paragraphs. Hence, prevent your essay from becoming the next failed assignment. 


The worst impression you can create upon your checker is constructing an essay rich in grammatical errors, featuring a poor argument, lack of evidence, and an irrelevant conclusion. 


Thus the art of essay balancing is achieved through reading multiple writers with versatile topics. Conversely, a neat vocabulary is the evidence of the writer’s level of intelligence, whereas the elevator’s pitch ultimately leaves the readers with the question of wanting to know more about your write-up. 

Hence let the write-up shout it out loud. 



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