How can you learn English effectively

This is an interesting question because many times we do not realize that with small changes in our daily routine, such as watching movies in English, changing the language of our cell phone, or listening to podcasts and music in this language, you can significantly improve your communication skills. listening, vocabulary and even your grammar skills when learning a second language. Although, if you require help in your essay writing you can take help at

Many people believe that when they learn a second language it is just about learning and practising their grammar with tutoring classes. Many students say they understand more than they can speak. Do you know why that happens?

In the first place, there is a bit of fear of making mistakes, saying things in the wrong way and exposing yourself in front of others. Another reason is the lack of vocabulary, not knowing the exact words to make an answer or a sentence. In addition, little emphasis is given to pronunciation.

Today I want to invite you to discover a simple way to improve your communication skills and understanding of English through simple actions that you can take in order to break down those barriers that make communication difficult for you.

What are the main skills you can improve by watching movies in English?

Well, you can improve all your language skills just by watching movies in English with English subtitles. I’ll tell you what English teachers told us:

  • Listening skills: listening to movies in English helps you to expand your vocabulary, learn colloquial expressions, and listen to the pronunciation directly from native speakers of the language, which also improves your hearing since, with practice, you will be able to better identify words and the grammatical structures used.
  • Reading skills: When you watch a movie in English and read the subtitles in English, you are not only listening, but you are practising your reading skills. This will allow you to improve your pace and comprehension when reading.
  • Speaking skills: when you read and listen to the language you are learning, you also improve your way of expressing yourself, because you will know more vocabulary and more expressions, such as; colloquial phrases, and phrases composed of verbs, you will better understand the use of certain grammatical structures and much more.
  • Writing skills: by understanding the language better, given that you read and listen to it more often. You will realize that when writing you will do it in a more natural way, you will be able to use certain grammatical structures in the correct way many times without knowing the theoretical reason, it will be rather an by instinct.

Main benefits of listening and reading English while enjoying a good movie

Enjoying learning is the best way to absorb new knowledge like a sponge, our brain is more receptive when we don’t feel stressed learning something new. Private Teachers specialized in teaching a second language tell us what are the main benefits you can get from listening and reading English in your day-to-day life.

  1. Learning in a pleasant way helps to boost your motivation, to learn for a second, is key to being motivated.
  2. There is no doubt that the films are loaded with authentic and varied language. Students will see examples of real conversations.
  3. On the other hand, students will be exposed to the use of different bits of intelligence and will be able to complement and apply what they have learned in their English classes.