Tips to Look Best in an Indian Saree

The Indian saree is a wonderful piece of clothing loved by almost everyone. It is a traditional attire with many modern styles embedded into it now. Even a woman who does not wear sarees much will have at least ten sarees in her wardrobe. If you are in the USA and want to buy Indian sarees online in USA, then we can suggest you visit a renowned shopping portal online as you can get the saree delivered right to your doorstep. Just ensure that you browse an online shopping website which can deliver to you wherever you are so that you have a hassle-free experience while buying a saree.

Tips to select a perfect saree

We all know that every woman has their own body type and based on that they need to buy a saree. So, here we are going to discuss and help women to buy a saree for every type of body.

a). Heavy women:

Are you heavy? If yes, then follow these tips to buy a perfect saree. Look slim even if you are heavy by purchasing sarees that are made of fabrics such as Georgette, Chiffon and Crepe. They make you look slim for sure. Moreover, only wear non-flare petticoats and straight cut underneath the saree.

b). Thin women:

For a fuller look, we suggest you wear cotton sarees and also Organza Tissue sarees. Moreover, for women who are thin, south Indian silk sarees look absolutely magnificent on you.

c). If you are dark-complexioned:

It may sound not well but dark-complexioned women should buy dark colours like dark pink, green, maroon, etc.

d). For a taller look:

If you want to look taller, buy sarees with a small border or sometimes try sarees without borders too. You may not look good in a saree with a big border and huge floral prints. So, avoid them without any second thoughts.

e). For a shorter look:

If you are very tall and people comment on you for being so tall, then you choose sarees with broad borders and also large prints. These saree types will somewhat make you look shorter.

What type of sarees to wear for different occasions?

1. Parties or functions:

For parties or functions just pin up the saree tip and let the rest fall on your hand so that you get an elegant look. If possible, have two blouses for each saree – one blouse will be traditional and the other will be the casual one. So, based on the occasion, you can match the blouse easily.

2. Weddings:

Colours such as white, red, green will look amazing for weddings. Most of the sarees that you buy for weddings are of pure silk or Kanchipuram silk. They have incredible designs on them. Designer sarees with sequins, thread work and gold zari work are much popular now in wedding sarees.

3. Office wear:

If you are thinking which type of saree is the best for office, cotton sarees in elusive prints and colours will look good. Avoid flashy colours and prints. Make sure you wear the saree with pallu folded in pleats and pinned on the shoulder, so as to get a tidy look.

So, looking to buy a saree now? Browse through: Now that you know what type of sarees you need to buy, the tips to buy a saree and kinds of sarees that you should wear for different occasions, you are ready to start purchasing online. So, enjoy shopping!


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