Choosing blue-light-blocking glasses according to face shape!

Do you want to protect your eyes from blue light but aren’t sure how to get the right shape and size of glasses? Don’t panic! Here’s a quick guide to finding the best blue-light-blocking glasses for your needs!

So, which type of glasses are ideal for you? Identifying your face shape, nose size, and eye width is the first step in choosing the perfect frame.

Which frame shape to choose?

Frames can be chosen in two ways— according to your style and the shape of your face—the style that best suits your face shape and the style that best suits your personality. 

1. A round and full face

Someone with a round face has long been believed to appear joyful and welcoming. If you have a round face, you might consider buying glasses highlighting your greatest features.

Consider choosing glasses with a distinctive and unique shape, such as rectangular or square spectacles. Round or oval lenses should be avoided because they tend to blend into the curve of your face. The idea is to make your face sharper and more angular.

Wearing round spectacles isn’t always a bad idea; it depends on how you feel about your pair. Rectangular frames, on the other hand, are always favoured on round faces.

2. Heart-shaped face

If you have a heart-shaped face and a broad forehead but a pointed chin, you most likely have prominent cheekbones and a prominent chin. In this instance, lightweight glasses with a thin frame are great.

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Rimless or semi-rimless glasses are also ideal for your facial shape. Make sure the breadth of your frame is slightly larger than the width of your forehead; this will produce a good equilibrium.

3. Triangle-shaped face

Cat-eye or semi-rimless glasses are ideal for your face shape. You have a triangle face if you have a wide jawline and a taper towards your forehead. You’ll need more comprehensive spectacles than your jawline to balance your facial characteristics.

4. Hexagonal or oval-shaped face

If you have a hexagonal or oval face, this is referred to as a well-proportioned, well-balanced face. When purchasing glasses for this facial shape, it is critical to select a pair that is both balanced and stylish.

Regarding the frame’s shape, you have the greatest options with this face structure. However, you should be aware that you can select big glasses with significant thickness at the top and bottom. So, pair up many glasses styles with quality blue light blocking.

5. Square face

Find something you don’t already have! If you have a square face—angular lines with equally wide cheekbones, square forehead, and square jawline, circular glasses in the style of Harry Potter are an excellent choice.

Retro glasses are what we call them. Oval-ellipse-shaped glasses are a frame type that draws attention to your eyes and other prominent features.

To sum up

Select your frame shape carefully, as it will significantly impact your face’s final depiction! Anti-blue light glasses with zFORT® Blue light blocking are available at SmartBuyGlasses to safeguard your eyes. You’ll find them in all frame designs, so no matter the face shape, you’ll find the right frame. We encourage you to comment if you have any other queries regarding choosing the best blue light glasses according to face shape. Thank you for reading!

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