4 Composition Tips For Better Fashion Photography

Photography rules do not vary much whether it is fashion photography or product photography. The only difference lies in the two different photography genres is composition of the subject. Emphasizing the subject in the frame is one thing and letting the audience notice what the subject is wearing is another thing. The art of high fashion photography requires some serious skills. To help you out in learning this art, here are the top four composition tips that should be considered in every professional photo shoot.

Let Only Fashion Be Highlighted In Your Photos

Fashion photography is all about the clothes and less about the models and their poses. Of course the model and poses play a vital role in high fashion photography but they are not the only source of attention for the target audience. Well, this is the only thing that separates fashion photographers from other photographers. No matter what the background is or how the model looks, always prioritize your subject, that is, clothes in your pictures. There should be no such poses by the model that may hinder the details of the clothes. The main motive of high fashion photography is to let the audience see the product and not the model.

Try Every Possible Angles

Fashion model photography should never be restricted to a particular eye level angle. Explore the location, consider different spots where you can photograph your model and get to know what angles will make the product outshine. But before you start experimenting please note that a single angle can change the whole perspective as well as mood of the photograph. For example if you wish to click a dominating shot, try taking a picture from a low angle. This would emphasize on the dress that the model is wearing making the model look big and in power. To capture an intimate look go for high angles, this will create an emotional connection between the model and viewer.

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Consider Using Props Wherever You Can

Every editorial fashion photography requires more of a coherent theme. To achieve this a photographer needs to work in providing the content as well as by adding dimensions to the composition. If the frames you are clicking are monotonous and have nothing interesting in it, using props can help you a lot. Props can make the whole shoot interesting and fun. For example if your model is standing against a wall and all 30 images have the same background, consider adding some elements in the frame.With all the negative space around, the biewer would gradually mtice the main subject.

Background Should Always Be Appropriate

Background has a lot to do with the composition of high fashion photography. Do not just make your model stand against any background. Explore the ways in which you can create a balance between the model and background. Also the color of the background should never be similar to the product or clothes that the model is wearing. Everything in the background should seem like it is sticking around the subject and the model.


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