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It’s hard to believe that it has already been a year since Lauren Conrad and William Tell first started dating one another while filming The Hills. Throughout their time together, there were always rumors of an engagement on the horizon, but unfortunately, they never made it down the aisle. Still, as Lauren says in her book “The Fame Game”, she’s “happy” with how things turned out.

1. The Engagement Wasn’t Lauren’s Idea

Even if the rumors were true, and she did want to eventually tie the knot with William, it wasn’t her idea for their engagement to be televised on MTV. In fact, that was all his decision.

2. They Spent Time Apart Before Becoming Official

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all a fairytale in paradise for Lauren and William Tell musician. There were rumors that while they were filming The Hills together, they would spend most of their time apart because they had different work schedules. They definitely put the effort into making sure they still saw each other, but it definitely wasn’t their happily ever after.

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3. They Met Through Their Friend Audrina Patridge

While they were at the residence of Audrina Patridge, William and Lauren began noticing one another, even though neither felt any attraction towards one another at first. It was when they found out that they were both from Laguna Beach that things took off.

4. He Was Not Invited To Her New York Fashion Week Party

Although William was the first to open up to Lauren about his feelings, he totally didn’t get invited to her party at all. Instead, she brought along Chace Crawford and a date. William was cool with it though, supposedly telling a friend “she has to do what she needs to do.”

5. They Broke Up On The Same Day Saved By The Bell Went Off The Air

On the final episode of Saved By The Bell in 2000, Zack and Kelly finally decided they were meant to be together. On the same day, William and Lauren went public with their decision to split.

6. Both Were Involved In The Short-Lived Reality TV Show ‘Confessions of a Teen Idol’

William Tell was one of the stars on Confessions of a Teen Idol alongside other people including Aaron Carter, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass. Even though the show itself only lasted one season, it was on that he found out how much his feelings for Lauren were reciprocated.

7. They Broke Up Because William Couldn’t Deal With The Fame

Part of the reason William and Lauren split up is that while they were making the transition from friends to lovers, he never really made an effort to live up to her fame status. He didn’t want a girlfriend that needed saving or couldn’t go out in public.

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8. They Have Both Taken Time Off From The Public Eye

Although neither has publicly spoken about the exact reason why Lauren got rid of her online accounts, it’s obvious that both she and William are taking some time off from the limelight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they won’t ever return.

9. They Are Still Friends

Even though their romance has long since ended, there is one thing that remains between Lauren and William; a bond of friendship. This was made evident when they reunited on Lauren’s Instagram page to celebrate their year anniversary.

10. They Both Support Each Other’s Careers

Even though William isn’t an active participant in the spotlight, he still supports Lauren no matter what she does. Even if it means chronicling all of her life choices in a reality TV show. He has also been known to direct her music videos, including her latest single “All That”.

Some Details about William Tell 

For those who are not much aware of William Tell musician, so here are the major details.

  1. William James Tell (born in Los Angeles, California) is an American musician and actor. 
  2. He is the son of Julie Tell and William James Tell Sr. His father passed away when he was very young while his mother died in 2003.
  3. He is a member of the band The Tender Box, who first gained notice as winners of MTV’s “Brand New for ’04” contest. 
  4. This was with former band members including Matthew Jenkins, Kyle David Newman, and Chris Niznik. In 2009, they released their debut album titled “Forgive Me”.
  5. In addition to his work with The Tender Box, he has appeared on such television shows as One Tree Hill, Ugly Betty, and Covert Affairs. 
  6. He has also appeared with his band on the CW’s Smallville and co-starred in the feature films In the Land of Women and The Perfect Sleep. 
  7. William James Tell began acting in television shows such as Without a Trace and CSI: Miami. 
  8. William is also an actor that has competed in many movies and TV series including the Black Watch, One Tree Hill, The Perfect Sleep, and In the Land of Women. However, his first major role came when he was cast in MTV’s reality television series Confessions of a Teen Idol that ran for only one season from 2004 to 2005.
  9. He has also appeared in the feature film In the Land of Women, co-starring Meg Ryan, Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart, and Josh Harnett.
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