The top 7 solo ads marketers you need to know

Intro: The internet is a big place. And if you’re an internet marketer, it can feel even bigger. There are so many different programs and strategies to explore that it may seem impossible to figure out where to start or what’s best for your business. You know you should be doing something but don’t know what that should be.

One of the most important things you can do when marketing online is generate traffic from other sites. It is typically done through solo ads marketing – getting someone else’s list of email subscribers to click on an offer link in exchange for some incentive.

Here are the top solo ad marketers you need to know about:

a). What are solo ads? Solo ads are targeted traffic bought by companies promoting other businesses’ products or services via email, web pages or social media, etc. The advertiser pays the solo ad company a fee to promote their product or service via email, web pages, etc. it ensures that the advertiser is receiving targeted traffic for their money as the people who are viewing/reading the advertisement are interested in what they have to offer.

b). Who should you select for your solo ads marketing? There are many solo ads marketers online, but you need to find ones that suit your niche, and the best way to do this is by doing a bit of research.

  1. Look for other websites in your niche and check out their solo ad services.
  2. Search through forums to see if anyone has mentioned them or maybe even interviewed them.
  3. Find out what affiliates they have and how much commission is paid for each successful sale.
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c). How can I get my hands on some of these amazing people’s lists? Where are they usually found? The most popular places to buy solos are from Solo Ad websites. There is a massive amount of solo ad sources on the internet. However, not all of them allow buyers to leave feedback, so it can be hard to find legitimate solo ads for sale. If you have come across a website that allows you to buy and sell solos, it will most likely also list the seller’s feedback. It will be your best option to find trusted solo ad sellers.

Conversely, there are, of course, bad eggs out there who have either scammed or not provided enough value to their customers, in which case the community in the thread calls them out, and you can avoid them. Therefore, you want to find members who are very familiar with what goes on behind the scenes of a solo ad; this is the only way you’ll be able to weed out scammers early on.

Top 07 solo ads marketers:

1. LJ articles: LJ solo ads are highly reliable and offer excellent traffic sources for your business. With varied packages that deliver different levels of results, you can choose what you prefer and get assured results. 

2. Petar kostadinov: Petar and his team guarantee the traffic that converts. They deliver what clients want, excelling the expectations and making the best use of emails and all-around marketing. Petar solo ads also offer a new solo ad for free if no results or leads are procured from the previous one. What more assurance could you ask for?

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3. Andreea carol: she has been around for a while and is a great person to work with, plus her prices are very reasonable. She guarantees you’re going to love the results. If you’re looking for a high-quality solo ad from someone who understands your needs, then she is the one to go with.

4. Jasdeep Singh jandu: offers solo ads for email subscribers, CPA offers, and more. His website offers a lot of great content that you’ll want to check out – especially if you plan on using his services any time soon. You can also connect with Jasdeep on Facebook.

5. Chris Gilman: he is a great guy who offers some of the cheapest solo ads in the industry. Many marketers had used him in the past when they didn’t have much money to work with but still needed quality leads for their online company. He’s someone you should check out if you are looking for high-quality leads at super cheap prices.

6. Wayne Crowe: If you’re looking for solo ad sources with cheap and no setbacks, look no further than Wayne. He’s one of the most active solo ad marketers you’ll find online, and he always has a blast going on for new solo ads campaigns. 

7. Edgars skijins: If you’re looking for a lot of targeted traffic to your offers, Skijins can help. He doesn’t have as much experience as some other marketers out there, but he’s got some of the best solo ads sources.


In conclusion, these are the top solo ad marketers you need to know about. Visit their websites or contact them on social media to get in touch and compare their reach and abilities. Make sure you compare the prices and buy what you can afford without overshooting your budget.

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