Specialist Optician in Sutherland

If you are looking for a specialist optician in Sutherland then you will want the very best of care, from the second you make that initial phone call or, walk through their door, you will want dedicated, uninterrupted attention from their staff and that’s before you’ve even seen the orthoptist, optician or optometrist. Usually, you would see the orthoptist first for an initial assessment, and then, before long, onto the optometrist, for the final part of your visit. 

The signs of a good practice 

A good optical surgery – will be the home of modern diagnostic tools and equipment that are used to test for a wide range of eye conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma amongst other conditions. Once all prior testing is completed, the Optometrist in Jannali takes you in to review all your results and also to check your vision, and prescribe glasses or contacts if needed.

The selection – of products that they provide will be of superb quality, from their frames to their lenses, their contact lenses all the way through to their optical sundries, you can be sure that the selection will be second to none and, their team will make sure you have the best possible products based upon your budget; As well as equipping you with all the knowledge you need for your eye health.

Putting you first

Custom made – The best practices offer custom-crafted contact lenses, unique to each individual patient, to make sure they get the most out of their new lenses. You should find single and extended focus lenses, as well as progressive lenses, in clear, transitional, tinted, polarised and mirrored varieties. When it comes to lens coatings, you’ll want a team that is very passionate about showing you all the available options and what will work best for you in any occasion. 

You will be involved – In the whole decision-making process, instead of being ‘dictated’ to, your thoughts and feelings will be taken into consideration and acted upon in a professional manner. From hard coats to multicoat products, you have total control of what you’re going to purchase and ultimately, walk away with. 


They will understand – That everyone has different lifestyle needs, and that equality is the most important factor to concentrate on, whether your glasses are for driving or computer work, they could have multi coats that will suit your exact needs. Some of the best practices, even offer to keep in contact with you as product advancements and changes take place. For example, standard UV protectants, to Blue Light blockers that are great for preventing eye fatigue.

They will empower you with knowledge – When speaking to the most comprehensive optical services providers they say that, “we want you to leave our practice, not only knowing exactly why we have prescribed these lenses, but also how to get the most out of them”. Clearly, they are there to provide a service, but, not everyone is going to tell you the good and the bad sides of each product which is what sets the best apart from the rest.


Originally posted 2021-09-29 22:54:42.