So, you’ve finally made the big move and transformed your photography hobby into a professional business – congratulations! Now not only will you be able to make money doing something you love, but you’ll also make your way towards financial freedom – a stage that everyone loves!

But to get there you’re going to need more than just some killer photography skills – you’re going to need proper business promotion and advertising. If as a creative that puts you out of your forte, then don’t worry! There are tons of resources and tips that you can turn to, all of which will help promote your photography business from the ground up.

Here, come start with my go-to marketing strategies and advertise your professional photography business: 

Be Instagram Savvy

It makes sense to start your photography business with one of the world’s largest image-sharing platforms, doesn’t it? Since your business is all about the looks, showing potential customers the results of your services is possibly the best marketing strategy that you can apply. 

Post images from previous work engagements – with your client’s permission, of course – showing off your best skills. And while images are at the crux of what you do, you can take your Instagram presence one step further by applying PosterMyWall templates to create truly attention-grabbing Instagram posts

With PosterMyWall’s templates, you can elevate your Instagram feed, making it all the more desirable to your audience. And the best part is that you don’t need to hire a graphic design professional to do this for you – you can create all the posts you want yourself with a few easy steps, for free! You can also use their customizable photography ad templates to quickly and easily make adverts to post online.

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Be sure to pair your posts with SEO-optimized captions and daily story engagement for maximum reach, and soon your photography business will skyrocket! And of course, don’t skip out on other social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and even Linkedin – all are great places to portray your skills and bag some clients! 

Get a Working Website

As someone in the photography business, your customers will be putting immense trust in you, deeming your services worthy of capturing their big day. From engagements to graduations to family holidays, you’ll be tasked with preserving their special memories in color. 

And the best way to add credibility to your work so they’ll let you do just that is by having a working website. Your website will serve many purposes: it will be your portfolio, showcasing your original style and encouraging individuals to join your list of customers. It’ll also be the go-to place for information, helping your potential customers be better informed about your offerings and price point.

Make sure to bring in a skilled professional for the job, as your website’s aesthetics will be the first marker with which visitors judge your creative sense. So, if they like the website that’s one hurdle down!

Emails, Emails, and Emails

If you’re just starting out with your photography business then chances are that you’ll be the one reaching out to potential customers instead of the other way around. And the best way to do that is through email advertising! 

Start by making a list of local organizations – think colleges, event halls, corporate businesses, all places that would host multiple events during the year. Send out a superbly written email copy to them that outlines your services and experience, making sure to attach a link to your website and samples of your work, and of course, polish it off with client testimonials to really seal the deal. 

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Take care to send out emails periodically throughout the year, particularly closer to times when events would be happening such as the end of the school year or the winter holidays. But the real key to getting your email notices? A killer subject line that reels the reader in.

Once you have that booked and locked, you’ll be pulling in customers left, right, and center. 

So, if you’re thinking of turning your photography business into one that ranks then these advertising tactics are your go-to jumping-off point. Explore the world of promotion and remember to keep track of your analytics to see what really works best, and soon you’ll be shooting among the big stars.

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