The Quickest and Easiest Way to Learn Video Editing

If you want to learn video editing, don’t be discouraged; it isn’t as difficult as you may believe. You should begin with basic video editing, such as learning and understanding all basic video editing skills using easy-to-use video editing software. It’s excellent that you’re interested in learning video editing, as it’s a fascinating discipline in the visual arts and cinema. Here’s a write out for a possible professional path for aspiring editors, but it will only work if you work. 

a). Observe the practical world 

Every day, you must watch at least one or two films. This is a step to help you improve your patience. Because excellent editing necessitates patience. Simultaneously, watch some dull movies. It will be beneficial to your patience. When you have some spare time at work or home. Make a remix of a song or a remix of a discourse. 

b). Try new things 

Go ahead and make something. Create a lot with AI portrait filters and AR stickers. Make a few projects where you go completely insane. Experiment with every thought that leaps to mind. Make quick cuts, slow cuts, jump around like crazy, and attempt to make jarring cuts for the audience. Make them as delightful as possible.

c). Solidify the basics 

Learn some foundational filmmaking skills, such as how to construct shots, scene structure, cut-shots, and determining where transitions are required. If you know how to cut/trim a video and other basic video editing skills. What is the adequate way to split a video? How can you trim a video to make it look like an image? What is a useful way to combine videos? What is the best way to spin a video? How can I change the pace of a video? How do I play many videos on the same screen at the same time? etc. Then you can begin learning new professional video editing and production techniques. 

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d). Time to master software 

Now that you’ve mastered camera operation, it’s time to learn how to use editing software. This is the most significant phase of the protocol. The majority of your filmmaking skills will be learned here.

You should be able to pick up the software on your own. There are many internet tools to familiarise you with what (in the interface) accomplishes and all keyboard shortcuts that get you there in the least amount of effort.  That’s a nice beginning, but it doesn’t qualify you as an expert. You’ll understand that, so it’s a start, but you’re still a long way from your target.  Learn the software, and I don’t mean just a little bit. The ability to swiftly make and edit films is one of the key reasons why most people utilize video editing software. Cropping, trimming, AI portrait, AR stickers and coloring functions are built into some of today’s software. Video footage captured from different perspectives can be cropped, trimmed, and colored.

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts and how to master them. Why? It saves time compared to using the mouse, and time is money. Even if you work for yourself, you are most likely billed by the project. The more money you make per hour, the faster you can finish it. The sooner you finish that project, the sooner you can move on to the next one and earn more money. 

The video/film editor, like the advertisers, must be familiar with the rules, regulations, and criteria that govern the final result. For television broadcast, you must submit your show in a specific format, with a specific audio level, and even closed-captioning encoded into your video. None of this is particularly mysterious or difficult to grasp, but you won’t be able to do it on your own. Most of these prerequisites are unknown to you, therefore if you don’t know what you need to know, you will almost surely fail. For that purpose, research more and more.

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“I comprehend the path, but I can’t decide which software to start with? ”  

e). Wondershare Filmora- Our recommendation 

Filmora is a user-friendly platform with a lot of features and customizations. It features a well-designed, intuitive interface, and you can be pretty creative with the app’s many presets and effects. Furthermore, Filmora is updated weekly, improving the software as well as adding new effects and settings, so you can continue to surprise your visitors with easy yet interesting video content. This video editor is simple to use, lightweight and comes with a large number of preset templates, video effects, and elements, as well as a very user-friendly user interface. Video rendering is also quick. Here is Filmora’s brand new features: 

f). AI portrait

Now seamlessly eliminate the background of the video focus with the aiding AI portrait add-on tool of Filmora. It is extremely convenient for editing videos like YouTube tutorials, Games and instructive kinds of videos. 

g). AR stickers 

No more boring videos now. With Wondershare Filmora you can heart pick from a set of 40 AR stickers and apply them on the human face in the video which will be magically detected. You can choose from a variety of animated animalistic and fanatical stickers.

h). Custom title animation

Animation along with keyframing is an essential ingredient of innovative video editing. It can be nicely performed in Filmora V10.4.

i). Newly Added stock media option

Stock media of sites like Unsplash, Giphy and Pixabay are an integrated component of Wondershare Filmora V10.4. Users can browse from millions of stock media, then install it in the video right away.

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Video editing is an absolutely superb field to be in. The expansion of the video editing field is comparable to that of the marketing field. Editors are quite valuable. This is especially true now because video has emerged as one of the most powerful marketing techniques. Above we have laid down the proven blueprint of becoming an exceptional video editor step by step. Remember, it will work only if you work…Also, one critical thing is the selection of software to start with. If you go with software that is made for professionals and you’re just a novice, you will fail. Filmora is one such software that is less pricey and even comes with a free trial. You can begin your creative journey with it. 


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