Blackjack Counting Systems

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that has evolved from its physical days to the current age of virtual casinos. The game has gained a lot of traction from as far back as the sixties in the physical scene and ever since several players have been looking to make wins through it. Blackjack is a game that requires utmost concentration, even on the virtual version. Currently, the counting system is a tool used to improve the winning odds in a Blackjack game between players. 

Blackjack, a game also known as twenty-one is a game with multiple players and a dealer. One major factor that differentiates blackjack as seen on from other games is that the competition is not against the players but the dealer. The goal is to get a hand that is close to 21 without getting a greater number. In the cases where this happens, a player collects a hand greater than 21, the player is busted which implies a loss. The game usually has a standard deck of 2-8 with 52 cards being used in the game. In the physical version of the game, when a player collects a two-card hand, the player has the option of getting an extra card. The cards in the game are dealt till when there are 17 points or greater. In cases when the players have equal points, the result is neither party winning nor losing. However, players with experience in this game are aware of the great probabilities that are involved. Hence, for a player to stand a major winning chance, the player needs to employ specific strategies. 

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Strategies in Blackjack. 

There are certain strategies employed by people who enjoy blackjack. Although they are mostly used by beginners, it does not reduce their effectiveness. 

The basic strategy. This strategy is majorly used for players who participate in blackjack for recreational purposes alone. In fact, according to experts in the game, the basic strategy is a major requirement for the game, and players are advised to memorize it in the early stages of playing the game. The basic strategy depends on the decks used in the game and is calculated based on the number of cards dealt with by a player. 

Advanced play. This is a more secondary strategy employed by experienced players. The reason these players resort to this strategy rather than the basic strategy is due to the purpose of playing. More experienced players are majorly partaking in the game to win financially. This strategy is not exact for all players because it is based on the experience of the player. The advanced play in blackjack can give majorly experienced players an advantage over the house, greatly boosting their chances of winning the game. However, there are cases where this strategy is considered cheating when the player has an absolute advantage over the house’s edge. This could be taken up seriously and lead to barring the player.

Blackjack counting. 

Different Blackjack counting systems are being used currently. However, the choice of a suitable blackjack counting system majorly depends on the experience and skills of the players. There are much simpler techniques that can be employed for beginners in the game and further complex ones for professionals. Some of the more advanced strategies included:

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Throp’s Ten counting system. The counting system got its name from the original inventor Edward Throp. The system is based on the value of the cards given to the players. It helps the players determine when to place wagers and how high those wagers should get.

The Ace counting system. This is one of the counting systems that favor beginners in the game, giving them a slight advantage over the house. This method of counting is based on doubling bets after a win and then making counting less obvious to the dealer. 

The number of counting techniques available to the players is a lot, the factors that the players have to consider are their strengths to choose one that gives them the best chances. 




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