10 best video editing software for beginners 2020!

Video editing is a popular thing for those who do it for fun and essential for those who do it for professional work. Nowadays, business houses are interacting with their audience through videos on different social platforms. It helps to deliver what they want to say in an innovative way and less time. Video ads are among the best examples that we see on YouTube, TV, or in many other places.

Here we are going to talk about those best editing software that could help you to edit the desired video easily.

Top 10 editing software:

#1. Apple iMovie: 

Those who want to perform all video editing functions through their iPhone can choose this best reliable editing software. Its chroma-key tool is the best function to edit and customize a video. You can share your video once completed on different platforms efficiently through your mobile phone. If you are purchasing Mac, then this software is free for you. Try once if you an Apple user and want a perfect editor for business short movies.

Top features: 

  • Media organizing and color grading tools.
  • Storyboard based timeline.
  • Perfect for making trailers and short movies.

#2. Windows movie maker: 

If you are a windows 7 user and want to edit videos or make movies for a surprise, you must have an idea of how easy a movie maker is to use. It is the best tool with simple functions for a beginner where you can upload your file and start editing. Add pictures, music audios, timeline to show work are below the editor on screen. Once the video is ready, generate it as a movie to download in HD mode.

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Top features: 

  • Title customization and credit tools.
  • Transition overlays and selecting tracks feasibly through media.
  • A perfect timeline narration.

#3. Get an Open Shoot:

It is an open-source video maker available free for beginners to start learning video editing. It has various input and output formats along with that of 70 languages to use the software also. Even you can choose the desired template from multiple options and apple different video effects on it. Timely updates are added by developers to offer more services.

Top features: 

  • Keyframe animation is available.
  • Clip sizing, scaling, and formatting feature.
  • Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

#4. Lumen5: 

Beginner editors are not found of editing on a platform with more technical issues. Hence, they should use a platform with ease to work and less technical problems. Lumen is a platform with a simple and primary tool. It helps to learn how to edit a video in less time with perfect output. The addition is some screengrabs, music for background. Hence, it is an optimal platform to grab a social media existence of your business. Not a different mode to use plus easy to edit.

Top features: 

  • Text to video is a perfect feature for ease of work.
  • Large-sized media library.
  • You can also do the branding of your product.

#5. Nero Video: 

Edit your video today with perfect software to edit with some more tools. It is a paid software under $50 best and affordable for beginners. Apart from that, there are many features from which one can go through and use them to produce a perfect video as a beginner.

Top features: 

  • Titles and keyframe animations.
  • Transition and special streams.
  • Play, review, and manage previous files.
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#6. Corel Video Studio: 

It has 360 degrees VR with 4K support; it also helps to follow object cuts that become an add-on feature for a person. It is a very friendly consumer editing software. The best feature of the product is motion tracking. You can track your object while editing the video. Also, it has contrast background effects.

Top features: 

  • Basic editing and proxy video files.
  • A few tools and plug-ins with a multi-camera editor.
  • Timeline oriented editing feature.

#7. Filmora Editor:

It is a perfect video editor with a lot of features to edit the video. One can make an ideal company video to promote their brand. Filmaro is providing easy and quick features that could edit a video in less time. Also, the interior graphics and tools placement in the software is fantastic to use and apply.

Top features: 

  • It has 4K editing and GIF support.
  • Noise removal feature to make the sound resistance free.
  • You can flip or reverse the video through a backward feature.
  • Speed control feature is another add-on to maximize for minimizes the flow.

#8. Filmora Editor:

If you don’t like to spend time on learning, then use this power director feature without any crash. It helps to edit videos with 360-degree virtual videos. Also, it consumes less time and a user-friendly platform. Filmora is also a good option for simple users who want to edit videos for personal use.

Top features: 

  • Project line module with express features.
  • Magic movie wizard with action camera tools.
  • Encoding and exporting the files easily.

#9. Pinnacle studio:

Pinnacle studio is another example of a premium tool under $130. It has multi-cam with 4k support and rendering speed feature. One can explore this software as it is a perfect choice for an editor who wants to learn video and movie editing.

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Top features: 

  • Intuitive user interface with split-screen videos.
  • Paint effects and transition effects.
  • Multi-rack and multi-camera with the NewBlue feature.

#10. Premium Pro of Adobe:

Adobe is a prevalent software providing various features. But the premium pro of adobe is something interesting and efficient with new features. It has many coloring options and integration methods. The interface of the software is straightforward and quick to use.

Top features: 

  • You can work on more projects simultaneously.
  • VR video & audio editing, rotate sphere effects are added.
  • Tilting video and major graphics make the perfect video.

Tip:-If you want to use the editing software for personal use, it is better to go for any play store application. If you are a beginner and you want to learn about editing and want to proceed with it as your career, then using various software as per your usability is necessary. People often think that both are the same, but the software is better than applications with more features.

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Bottom Lines!

Therefore, we can say that the ten editings mentioned above software are perfect for video editing as beginners have to learn a lot of things. But for that, a platform with more features and integrations is needed. Hence, this software is providing all the necessary options to ensure optimal video editing options. One can go for free or paid software as per their spending power. You can try the free trial before using any software.

For further queries, first, go through all the software and try free trials and read specifications. Once you use all, you will be able to get an idea about features and correct your use. Hence, go through the same, and still, if you have any questions, then we are here to help you. Enjoy video editing!


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