There are only three ways to define gem jewelry – beauty, rarity, and durability. There are many attributes of gems that appeal to each of us on a personal level and let us adorn ourselves. All colored gems are uniquely personal expressions and extensions of our personalities. However, many use resin to make these gems, etc. and sell it very pricey. Here’s a guide to buying gem jewelry and ensure that you get yourself the highest quality jewelry for your budget.

How Are Gems Graded

Whether you plan on buying gem necklaces, gem rings, or gem earrings, the first facet to take note of is their grading. Grading consists of the cut, clarity, and color. Any variation in these three facets of the elements will value the gem differently. You can visit st thomas jewelers to get the same.

1. Gem Color 

Most colored gems get their beauty from their colors such as purples, blues, greens, yellows, reds, and so on.

The variation in color can be attributed to three aspects of color. 

a). Hue – Hue is purely the color of the spectrum, and it signifies the dominant color profile along with other subtle additional colors visible within the gem. 

b). Tone – the brightness or darkness of a color is known as its tone. According to the GIA color grading system, tones can vary from very dark to very light. 

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c). Saturation – Saturation of a gem is the intensity and purity of the inherent hue of the gem. 

Know that no matter how similar a gem you pick, no two gems will look identical to the other, and this is what makes gem jewelry one of the unique jewelry to purchase. So, make sure to go through a couple of different kinds of gems before you pick the one that you love

2. Gem Cut

Gem cutters have one of the most tedious jobs known to mankind. They work away trying to achieve the perfect pleasing yet an affordable mix of color, weight, and shape for your optimal requirement. However, the size of the gem is usually constrained by nature. The availability of the gems is what matters. Given that the gem of your choices is available, your gem cutter can cut it into the perfect shape for you. 

3. Gem Clarity

The beauty of a gem depends majorly on the clarity of the stone. It is usually best to choose a gem that is not entirely opaque. Through opaque gems, light can hardly pass, and therefore it might be not the most pleasing of gems to look at. However, if you go for something like rose quartz, then it looks ethereal the moment light touches.

4. Gem Size

Gems are measured by carats. Even colored gems are measured by carat weight. Each millimeter is taken into consideration when matching gem colors for earrings, rings, or necklaces. 

5. Gem Durability

A gem is also categorized according to its durability. It truly does matter how gems are fashioned or mounted on for several functions and occasions and how durable it is during that period. The hardness and toughness of the gems do matter when it comes to its use and quality. Some gems are perfect to use daily; in rings, bracelets, and even cufflinks. Others, such as an emerald or pearl, are not suitable for daily wear

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These are the few facets to make a specific note of while making your first or every purchase of a gem. However, all these shouldn’t matter much if you plan on going for an opaque, affordable gem for everyday use.

What to Make a Note of While Buying Colored Gem Jewelry

Here’s what you should make a note of while considering to buy the gemstone.

a). Do you like the color of the gem?

b). What is the brilliance and fire quality of the gem? 

c). Does light pass through the stone, or is it flat and opaque? 

These are the few things all gem buyers must make a note of each time they consider. This list should come in extremely handy, and maybe you can also pass it along to your other jewelry enthusiast friends. 


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