Top 22 Technology News Websites and Blog to follow in 2020

Technology plays a vital role in our life. We cannot imagine a single day without surfing Google or checking our phones. Nowadays, we can spend enough time on them. Technology has upgraded the period. When we were kids, we hardly know about Google or surfing anything. But today, the whole scenario has changed. It is the most important part of our lives. Today, technology has become advanced at every level, for example, Landline to smart mobiles; CRT to LED.TVs, normal cars to the latest featured one, etc.

Technology always keeps us amazed with their prodigious achievements. The thing which we never imagined in our life, now we are surrounded by them. So with keeping all these in mind, several websites have launched in 2020 just to connect us with the world. Now, the Latest Tech websites, News and Blogs are entering the Tech Field which we can follow as per our requirement. To keep yourself updated with new technology you just to invest some time by following some top tech trends, a best technology magazine, so today lets talk about top 22 emerging technology websites and blogs

Top 22 Emerging Technology Websites and Blogs

1. TechCrunch:

It’s an American Company that is focusing on the Tech industry. It is among the top Technology Websites and Blogs in 2020. It is very informative. If someone is looking for something leading and advanced then this website is your answer. It is one of the Best Tech News Websites for guest posts.

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2. Mashable:

It is a digital Multi-Media website covering the latest news around the world. It keeps on looking for something fresh in respect of Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Technology. It also one of the Top Tech news Blogs so far. Mashable is one of the Best Tech Niche Guest Posts sites in 2020.

3. Engadget:

It is a website that provides news and reviews on the latest gadgets, games, and electronic devices entering the market. This is a platform where we can look for detailed information about the products before buying them. It is one of the Best Tech Product and Gadgets Reviews websites in 2020.

4. The Next Web:

This website review product in detail. Apart from reviewing, it also publishes trending news on Tech. It covers every detail while reviewing the product. It is very fruitful before buying products. It is also among the top viewed websites in the world. They also have tech deals that help in your purchase.

5. Trotons Tech Magazine:

Trotons Tech Magazine is one of the best platforms which provides real news on the Tech Industry. It gives detailed reviews on the latest gadgets and Tech products. It’s a new way to peep into the Tech world.

6. ZDNet:

ZDNet provides 24/7 latest tech news. It keeps on updating business professionals in respect of the latest IT trend and events so that they can take accurate decisions. It works from investigator to optimum service provider. ZDNet is a leading platform working globally.

7. Gizmos Report: 

Gizmos Report is a global Tech Media website. It provides the original IT news and aware their readers with the actual information. It publishes the latest Software and Apps related to Health, Space and Energy, Computer technology, Medical Science, Mobile News, Tech News, review products, etc.

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8. Techdirt:

Techdirt is very dynamic and interactive. It keeps on looking for the trending stories related to Government policies, Tech Changes, legal issues which can affect the ability of a company. It has a huge number of followers and readers.

9. Geek Tech Magazine:

It is the blog for the latest news, latest product reviews, and new start-ups. It does helpful reviews of the products. It also provides innovative and trending information about the Tech Industry. The Best Technology Magazine in 2020.

10. The Internet Stories:

As the name defines, it brings real internet stories related to the latest IT trends and issues. It provides a variety of information like Science, gadgets, and Business.

11. The Verge:

Techie needs something explosive then Verge is the best platform. Their YouTube channel provides relevant news and upgrades us with the latest one. Best Emerging Technology News Website in 2020. It is a well-produced website which is very helpful.

12. Ornapo:

It is a business magazine that covers different topics like Marketing, Technology, and Enterprise, etc. Ornapo Magazine provides the best tips for new start-ups.

13. Digital Trends:

It covers the latest Tech news and detailed product reviews. It sets a trend nowadays. Its Original Series provides details of web series.

14. Business2news: 

It’s a website that publishes interactive content that brings good quality. Business2news provides top stories and trending news related to Finance, Business, Science, Technology, International News, etc.

15. The Tech Theories:

It’s a YouTube channel for all Tech Lovers. It provides Tech videos and shows innovative content. The Tech Theories make videos on various issues as Technology, Entertainment, etc.

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16. The Internet Things:

Looking for something innovative then Internet Thing is your ultimate goal. The Best Technology Website on the Web.

17. Giz Tech Media:

This website provides real gadget reviews and news to the readers. It allows you to decide which product is good. It is a Multimedia platform for Tech World. It also publishes the latest Apps and Software on Health, Medical, Space, Energy, Technology, etc.

18. Gizmodo:

It shows you what will be the future as it is a website for the latest Technology and Science content. It also features political news.

19. PC Gamer:

PC Gamer is serving more than 20 years in the Tech field. They have authority in PC games. They do game testing and reviews on They publish the latest news on video game industries.

20. The Tech Headlines:

It is a website that is creating communities of leaders and professionals. It provides a platform to share their experience, advice, and ideas. The Best Technology Website on the web.

21. Tech Radar:

Tech Radar is the UK based Tech news and gadget review website. It is growing rapidly in the tech field. It guides us related to the latest laptop, mobile phones, etc. This website publishes android related news. It is one of the Best Emerging Technology News Websites in 2020

22. Business Insider:

It is growing very fast in respect of Finance, Media, Tech, and other industry news. It brings valuable content to their readers. It has thoroughly covered all the aspects of a business.

So these are some emerging technology website and blog which provide you advance technology details in 2020, in this age of technology we can stay up-to-date by following some of the prominent blogs and websites of 2020.



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