How to Get One or More Fake Phone Numbers

What to do if the site, application, or online store requests to confirm your phone number to register an account, but you don’t want to give out your personal phone number?

Previously, to register on a site, application, or online store, it was enough to enter an email address. But today most resources are not enough and require a phone number to complete registration. Account confirmation is done via a short SMS code. Not all users want to use their personal mobile number to create an account, and they are understandable – there is a risk that the phone will get into the database of fraudsters and spammers, who will annoy you with constant calls and messages.

There is a solution to this problem – create a fake phone number. They can be used to register on websites, forums, social networks and online stores. Another popular scenario for using fake numbers is bulletin boards. Users register on Amazon, eBay or OLX and enter fake numbers to post ads.

The Main Advantages of Fake Phone Numbers

The fake number has many advantages, such as:

  • Bypass SMS verification. You can register on social networks, without leaving personal information that can compromise you. Virtual numbers can be used when registering on websites – you will receive a short code to confirm the data to a virtual number. Also, thanks to this you do not need to buy additional SIM cards.
  • Total anonymity and privacy on the web. You do not have to specify any personal information when you buy or rent a virtual number.
  • Low cost. Virtual numbers are much cheaper than buying a new SIM card, which saves you money.
  • Avoid spammers and scammers. With Virtual Number, you can avoid advertisements and spam to your personal number, which is very convenient.
  • Easy to use. To use a virtual mobile number you don’t need to have any technical knowledge or buy any extra equipment. You can get a virtual number in 5 minutes and start using it right away.
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How to Get One or More Fake Phone Numbers 

How to Create a Fake Phone Number to Bypass SMS Verification

SMS-man is a service that offers virtual phone numbers to receive SMS online. With SMS-man you can bypass SMS verification for any site or application. (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Tinder, Google, Amazon, PayPal).  

Follow step-by-step instructions to get a fake number for SMS:

Step 1: Access 

Step 2: Click the “Sign Up” button to register your account.

Step 3: Enter all requested information (e-mail address and password) or you can register through your Facebook or Google account.

Step 4: After successful registration, go to the “payment” page to recharge your balance.

Step 5: Next, choose one of the countries from the menu on the home page.

Step 6: After selecting a country, select a service you’d like to receive an SMS message for (there are over 1,000 sites and applications).

Step 7: Then you click the “Buy” button next to the service you selected.

Step 8: Now you have a virtual phone number, use it to verify the online account (this can be done by sending an SMS to the virtual number).

Step 9: When an SMS is sent to the virtual number, go back to the SMS-Man page and click “Get SMS” to see the verification code.