Differences Between Cryptocurrency

We suggest today to consider the main characteristics of any cryptocurrency. This will help you understand the main reasons for using alternative assets.

  • Cryptocurrencies do not involve third parties. In simple words, the crypto market is not based on trust, like, say, the usual banks for us. Thus, all assets and transactions are controlled directly by the participant. The user can perform any operations within the system without any control body.
  • Cryptocurrencies are immutable. By its very nature, blockchain technology makes crypto-currency transactions immutable. The stench can’t be skasovanі, vіdstrochenі, dublovanі, prihovanі or change. In such a system, it’s impossible to swindle with a good path, and it’s stolen from human pardons, so to rob the cryptocurrency with infinitely more transparency, less simple electronic pennies in a very jar.
  • Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. The cryptocurrency system is able to quickly, qualitatively and transparently create new interesting coins. Take bitcoin: this infrastructure guarantees that only 21 million are visiting be, if anything, used. Now think again about the speed of currencies, transactions and everything else in banks or from any other third parties.

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How does cryptocurrency differ from ordinary world currencies?

Decentralization and accessibility. 

The Bitcoin network is a combination of all client programs (wallets) and a distributed blockchain database (blockchain, chain of blocks), which is stored on every computer where the full client is installed. Blockchain is completely open for review register of all operations in the system. It is possible to connect to this registry using your own wallet or the web interface of special monitoring services from anywhere in the world, without passwords or any other authorization.

Full transparency of calculations. 

The history of any payment can (theoretically) be traced back to the very moment of coin generation and will never be deleted from the database. Knowing only the Bitcoin address, you can at any time find out all the transactions received by this address or sent from it.

Free choice of degree of participation. 

You can install the official Bitcoin Core client that stores all transaction history. If you do not need offline operation and analysis of the blockchain, you can install one of the lightweight or mobile wallets, which require much fewer resources. If you are just going to pay for small purchases on the road or just try the technology, a mobile or online wallet will be enough. For maximum security, there are hardware wallets with additional levels of protection.

Lack of network control 

Due to the fact that the blockchain itself has a distributed basis, which was created on the basis of peer nodes, the Bitcoin network exists without a controlling center. It means that it is impossible to freeze accounts, cancel transactions or change currency units. There are small commissions, the amount of which in practice is almost imperceptible and does not depend on the amount of the transfer. Transactions in the system are irreversible, just like cash transactions.

Of course, it should be noted that users must follow updates and forecasts. Large blockchains sometimes grow in different directions, so it is worth checking everything in detail. Our site offers to see ETHERLITE price prediction (the side chain of Ethereum) and learn more about this digital currency.