Standing Out From the Crowd

Keeping up with fashion trends is easier and more affordable than you might think.

Yes, you read that right. High fashion can be affordable.

There are plenty of Pinterest boards out there full of fresh ideas. We’re talking about unique, and fun styles that are sure to keep you looking fly year-round.

Read on, and we’ll share some of our favorite ways to customize clothes.

Bows, Zippers, and Lace, Oh My!

Sometimes refreshing an outfit is as easy as adding embellishment! And there are tons of embellishments.

Add a bit of lace to the bottom of a tank top or skirt. Throw a decorative zipper on a pair of pants. Or maybe add a bow to a top for a cutesy touch.

The options are endless. You can play to your style or embellish in a way that’s totally outside of it.

Get Artsy With Fabric Paint

Your clothing item becomes your canvas, and you become Bob Ross!

Use squeezable puffy paints for a textured look. Or, opt for a paintbrush or foam brush for more intricate scenes.

Use a stencil or go freehand and see what you can create. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Add Patches

For something a bit more traditional, with minimal effort, try a patch!

Today there are easy-to-apply patches in just about every shape, size, and imagery you can imagine. Most of them are iron-on, making it super easy to add personal touches to just about anything.

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Some patches are exclusive to particular groups, which you may want to avoid. See more here.

Revamp Old Pieces

Instead of chucking last season’s favorites, give them new life. Grab a sturdy pair of fabric scissors, and you’re on your way.

Shorten that dress, or turn those pants into shorts. Cut fringe into the bottom of your shirt, or cut the sleeves off. Or, you can turn that old t-shirt into this season’s hottest crop top!

If you are unsure about making cuts in your clothing, fear not. There are tons of free patterns available online.

Dye it Up

Are you bored with last season’s colors? How about a dye job?

For light-colored clothes using festive tye-dye is an excellent option. It’s also a fun outdoor activity you can do with friends!

Or, for darker clothes, you can play with making intentional bleach stains. Whether you choose to splatter for a random look or apply with a brush for more form, your piece is sure to look fly.

Customize Clothes For A Unique Wardrobe

Anyone can go out and buy the newest fashions. But choosing to customize clothes in your own way is next-level fashion.

Your creations will be one of a kind. Helping you to stand out from the crowd and add your own flair to your look.

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