Smart ways to make your rental feel more like home

Just because you stay in a rented place doesn’t mean you cannot feel at home. There are countless ways to make it feel welcoming and comfortable. 

Whether it’s the first place you rent or the hundredth, you’re excited to move into a new house. There’s a wonderful feeling to know you can come home to a cozy place where you can loosen up and enjoyably spend your free time. Even if someone else owns it, you still feel great about having your own place and no longer living with your parents or older siblings. However, sometimes it’s a struggle to feel at home in a new place, especially because rentals are designed quite generic to fit all tastes. Whether you don’t like the color of the walls or the place is located in a neighborhood you don’t like, living in an area that doesn’t feel like you are stressful and frustrating. 

Here are some smart fixes to transform the rental in a loving home.

Remove the items that aren’t yours

Sometimes landlords or former tenants leave items behind. They can be things they find useful for tenants (decorations, kitchen utensils, temporary shelving, blinds, curtain rods). Still, for you, they are only constant reminders that you’re living in a house someone else owns. Don’t hesitate to ask the property manager to remove the items so you can replace them with your own. Even if they seem like small details, replacing old items with your own can make the house feel more like home. Make sure you ask for permission before removing them because the landlord probably has a safe place where they store the items so they can put them back when you leave. 

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Create your own layout

When you just move into the house, you’re tempted to leave the rooms untouched and use the same furniture layout the old tenants or property manager created. While there are some obvious reasons for decorating some rooms like the bedroom the way they are, you can take a look at the place and decide if it suits you or you can reorganize it and make it more functional. Consider what functions you want each room to serve (Do you need a home office? Would you use a workout room?), but also the shape and size of the items you own. For example, repurposing the dining space into a home office may be more useful for you. 

Make the space cozy and welcoming

You want to feel at home the moment you step through the door. The light, temperature, and facilities you benefit from in the rental can influence your experience, so ensure they fit your preferences. Replace the light bulbs with ones in the light temperature you prefer, and keep the room temperature at a degree you find comfortable. Some rentals don’t have sufficient lighting, and others lack overhead fixtures and rely on the tenants to bring theirs. This offers you the opportunity to make the space feel like your own by bringing your own lighting solutions. If you prefer hot baths, but the water in the shower is lush warm, ask the landlord to replace the boiler with a new one that keeps the water at the temperature you prefer. Until the new one arrives, hire boiler rental NYC (New York city) services.        

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Bring in some plants, or better, bring in many plants

If this is the first time you live by yourself, you may not know that plants change the vibe of a space. Your parents had plants in every room of the house, and you didn’t get the point in using them instead of fancier decorations. But plants not only look good, they are also livening up the place, cleaning the air, and removing toxins, making the space more welcoming. Even if plants are a common addition to most living areas, many landlords don’t bring plants into their rental spaces because some tenants can be allergic to some plants. 

Having green plants in your rental house can make it feel like home. Plants have the power to make a space look more comfortable. Check with your local plant nursery for some easy-to-care plants. If you have suspended furniture, you can even get some hanging plants. If you have a black thumb, you can get some faux plants. They can look as good as live ones. The best places to place flowers are on tables, window sills, living room, in the kitchen, or any brightly lit spot in your house. Many plants bloom nicely indoors, so you can look into them if you want to add a pop of colors. 

Get creative with storage

Most rental properties lack storage, and they can easily lead to unsightly clutter. No one would feel happy to live in a crowded house. But you can improve the situation if you invest in some accessories and furniture that allow you to organize your belongings and store most of your items. Elevate the cupboard space by installing some self-inserts and make sure all items you buy include storage space. 

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If you rent an empty house that requires furnishing, you can opt for modular furniture that makes the space look less cramped. Supposing you need to furnish a small place, you can break it up and get an armchair and a couch instead of a large corner sofa that would take most of the room. Use the small items of furniture to bring some personality to your rented flat. 

When you move into an already furnished place and want to make it feel like home, ask the landlord if you can paint some of the furniture items. Changing the color of some items can breathe new life into them. 

Final thoughts

There are some ups and downs about living in a rental. It can be uncomfortable to live in someone else’s home, but you can make the space feel more personal if you add a few things and remove others. But there’s one thing you should never forget in every new rental – you need renters’ insurance.



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