Must-Have Furniture for Small Apartments

Living in compact places is becoming increasingly popular in housing markets all around the world. Small places, ranging from micro-loft apartments to tiny homes, provide a simplified, minimalist approach with the added benefit of a significantly lower carbon impact. While the micro-lifestyle may appear to be at odds with the American heritage of large homes and wide-open areas, it is gaining appeal. The difficulty of living in compact places has fascinated the minds of furniture designers. The idea is to build products that can be transformed into something else. Take a look at these transformable pieces that will make modest living feel larger than life if you are considering downsizing or if you have a small area at home that might use some personalization. 

Extending Dining Table

Do you wish you could host a sit-down dinner for six people in your little apartment? Look for multifunctional folding or double-drop-leaf extending tables that can fit in a small space. Find the best extending dining tables with wheels, or design your own, so you can quickly turn the table around to become a console at the entryway or a makeshift bar cart.

Storage Coffee Table

If you live in a small apartment, you most likely have a small living room. So any old coffee table will not suffice. Instead, choose a model with built-in storage! These are excellent compact living room ideas since they serve both as a coffee table and as hidden storage. It is ideal for storing media items, periodicals, throw blankets, and anything else you want to keep close yet out of sight. We especially like round storage coffee tables for small apartments because they allow for better movement. They have no sharp edges to scrape your shins, making them ideal for family homes! Storage ottomans are another excellent alternative (or addition).

Wall-Mounted Bookcase

We propose choosing bookcases that are fixed on the wall of a room in a tiny apartment. Why? Because it takes up less floor space when furniture is placed flat against the wall. In addition, wall-mounted bookcases have slightly slimmer profiles than typical bookcases. Wall-mounted bookcases are another fantastic option to use vertical space in your home for storage and display. You can use one as an alternative to a nightstand, as shown above, or in your main living room as an alternative with more vertical storage than a credenza. Because, in a tiny area, you don’t just want to use the square footage of the floor—you want to use every inch you can, all the way up to the ceiling!

Room Divider 

Are you a studio apartment dweller? Then, creating different spaces and using every square inch becomes especially vital. We love using room dividers to divide a large area into zones in small rooms like these. It’s one of our top small-space home design tricks. Room separators create the sense of many places in your property without impeding natural light or being permanent. Because they’re mobile, you can rearrange and reconfigure them for varied uses and layouts—the ideal apartment design trick!  Want to be more functional? As a room divider, choose a bookcase with no back. This allows you to create different locations while simultaneously providing enough vertical storage


Smart living tops elegant living in any little place. This is why it is better to select furniture such as side cabinets or coffee tables that serve as fantastic compact room decor while also providing great functionality and storage. Make sure that your apartment reflects your taste and individuality, no matter what furniture you choose or how you arrange it. Fill it with mementos, pictures, and art that remind you of good moments and demonstrate to your guests that no matter how little your room is, you’re living a big life!