They might seem small and insignificant, but pocketknives punch way above their weight in usefulness. Whether you live in the city or the wilderness, a pocketknife is one of the handiest tools you can carry every day. In a compact size, you have a remarkably versatile gadget that can help you out in all kinds of situations. Here are some top reasons why a pocketknife should have a permanent spot in your EDC (everyday carry) line-up.  

Handy Helper

From slicing and scraping to cutting and screwing, a good pocketknife is like a mini multi-tool kit. The common features like a blade, bottle opener, and scissors already supply you with a lot of functionality but additional components like saws, drivers, files, and pry bars make pocket knives even more capable. Having this array of tools at your fingertips allows you to tackle little tasks and annoyances that would otherwise require reaching for larger dedicated tools. You’d be surprised how often an EDC knife can save you a trip back to the toolbox.

Lifesaving Leverage

Don’t underestimate how helpful it can be to have cutting power concentrated in a portable package. Whether you need to cut a seatbelt in an emergency, trim down splints for first aid, slice insulation to repair wires, free yourself from restraints or debris, carve a shelter, defend against animals, or use it for any number of gritty survival scenarios, a pocketknife gives you crucial leverage. The last thing you want in a life-or-death crisis is to be without resources so having a trusty blade offers valuable insurance. Even if you never expect to encounter serious emergencies, carrying a pocketknife helps ensure you always have an emergency backup plan.

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Carrying a pocket knife might be useful for self-defense. A curved folding blade is small enough to carry in a pocket, yet the design makes it perfect for situations where you need additional protection, whether that’s out hunting or in a less desirable neighborhood.

Sentimental Value

Beyond the practical, many people appreciate pocketknives for their nostalgic and heirloom appeal. It’s common for knives to get passed down between family members or gifted to commemorate special occasions and achievements. Engraved or custom pocketknives in particular embody this idea of celebrating relationships, passions, and milestones. So, compelling stories and fond memories often reside in an unassuming pocketknife beside its physical attributes.

Wallet-Friendly Warrior

While you can certainly drop big bucks on premium knives, an excellent basic pocketknife is remarkably affordable. Mass production and simplicity enable quality knife manufacturers to crank out budget blades without sacrificing much functionality. This means for around $20 or less, you can pick up a very capable everyday carry knife. With a bit of care and upkeep, even the cheapest pocketknife will offer years of reliable use. You really get excellent value for money with pocketknives, making them accessible for all budgets.

Easy to Carry

Of course, one of the signature benefits of the pocketknife is right there in its name – the fact that it fits nicely into your pocket! Compared to a toolkit or even an overtly tactical knife, a pocketknife’s slim and discreet profile makes it easy to keep close at hand. Front pockets, jacket pockets, bags, keychains, and backpacks all readily accommodate your EDC blade. Just clip it on and have it conveniently accessible whenever need be.

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So, for a little money or space, a trusty pocketknife pays back huge dividends through convenience and preparedness. Whether you’re looking for a hobbyist’s helper or an emergency fallback, a pocketknife is a perfect preparedness tool. What task will you use your small but mighty EDC knife for today?


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