The Ultimate Guide: 5 Ways to Keep Your Identity Secret While Viewing Instagram Stories

The birth of Instagram ushered in a unique moment in the lives of social media aficionados. They found a new alternative to the other platforms that preceded Instagram. This platform has since grown to become the fourth most popular social media platform on the planet based on user numbers.

The creators of Instagram had in mind how much people longed to share snippets of their everyday moments with those they cared about. So they came up with Instagram stories—short videos or photos that disappear in 24 hours. Along the way came the concept of an anonymous IG story viewer.

Anonymous Instagram story viewers are ways or techniques you can use to access story content without the owner of the account knowing of your activities. The platform has a feature called “Seen by,” which notifies users whenever someone views their stories.

Reasons spanning from privacy concerns to the simple thrill of sneaking on someone make certain Instagram enthusiasts seek anonymity. Our motive here is to expose five ways to keep your identity secret while viewing Instagram stories.

5 Proven Ways to Maintain Anonymity

We’ve done a deep search for techniques that not only work effectively but are also straightforward to use. Actually, we’ve tried each and every concept we discuss below and can prove their efficacy. Let’s go ahead.

1. Use a third-party website or app.

The obvious beginning point of our research was the search engines. When you type the phrase “anonymous Instagram story viewer” in your browser, you will see thousands upon thousands of websites that claim to offer this service.

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So, I began with the most popular of these third-party websites, which claimed to offer anonymity while viewing my favorite Instagram stories. I tried many of them, and after lots of disappointments, I shortlisted a few that had salient features that met my needs.

Later, I learned that a majority of these websites were either insecure or did not work at all. Such websites are only interested in gathering your personal information for their own diabolical plans and schemes, while others are only interested in your money.

While I have rich experience, I currently work with AnonyPro because it has several great features and a very interactive user interface, making it easy to use. Not only can I watch Instagram stories anonymously, but I can also download them for later viewing.

2. Open a dummy Instagram account.

Sometimes, anonymity requires you to be a master of disguise. If you can disguise yourself perfectly, then you can fool someone into thinking you’re a different person. This is the principle we apply if we use this second technique to view story contents anonymously.

You can create a secondary account and use it to access Instagram stories anonymously. The only way to hide your identity is to use a username, email address, phone number, and profile picture that are different from the ones you use in your main account.

Additionally, you must refrain from uploading any content to the new account that can be traced back to you. Optionally, you can set the dummy account to private to remain hidden from search results and recommendations.

3. Activate your device’s airplane mode.

Whenever you board a plane, you are supposed to disable your device from any connections. You achieve this by activating your device’s airplane mode. The reason for this is to avoid the device interfering with the electronic appliances on the plane.

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Researchers realized that you can preload Instagram stories when connected and then load them when disconnected through the activation of Airplane Mode. This method is effective because an internet connection is necessary to help the platform obtain your digital footprint and use it to generate an interaction by way of “seen by” notification.

You can only watch one story at a time, though, and you also need to know that this technique works only for public accounts. Remember not to deactivate the airplane mode too rapidly, as Instagram could still establish a connection and notify the owner of the story.

4. Use proxy servers or VPNs.

Proxy Servers and Virtual Private Network (VPN) offer higher levels of security and privacy when browsing the web. Unlike public networks, these two allow you to visit websites anonymously by masking your IP addresses and shifting server locations. In other words, they route your web connection through remote servers, which occlude your IP address and guarantee your anonymity.

Instagram is based on the web, these networks will route your request through several remote services before submitting it to the platform’s servers. Put simply, a VPN or proxy server prevents Instagram from tracking your location and notifying the user whose story you watched anonymously.

When choosing a VPN or proxy server, ensure you pick one that prioritizes security and privacy. There are many providers out there, but not all offer the same quality of service. Therefore, you should apply due diligence to get the best.

Pay more attention to the main features, which include robust encryption protocols, a strict no-logging policy, and a wide selection of server locations. Finally, make sure the network you choose is compatible with your device.

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5. Employ private browsing mode.

Modern web browsers care about people’s privacy, so they’ve included a feature called “Private Browsing Mode” or “Incognito Mode,” which allows you to browse the internet anonymously. You can use this feature to view Instagram stories anonymously.

When browsing in this mode, the website will not store information such as cookies or browsing history. This will ensure you browse confidentially and keep Instagram from sharing your activity with the platform. This is what guarantees anonymity.

The technique is very easy to use. Simply open your browser in incognito mode and then navigate to the Instagram website to sign in. Go to the story of interest just the same way you would with the ordinary mode. Your action will be completely private, but you can only access private accounts.

Final Thoughts

It is interesting and rewarding to watch Instagram stories anonymously. However, you must use the right technique to remain anonymous and to avoid violating Instagram community guidelines and privacy policies. Regardless of the method you choose, exercise a lot of caution and prioritize security, thereby mitigating the potential risks.


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