Revamp Your Fall Wardrobe With These Tips and Tricks

You’ve been living in your summer wardrobe staples for the past several months and loving it. Your tank tops, t-shirts, cutoff shorts, sandals, and swimsuits have been on-rotation. Now, as the summer weather transitions into fall, you’re probably feeling a bit of shock about what to wear on the cooler days and nights to come. Your fall wardrobe may be looking a little worse for wear—after all, you’ve been able to cast aside your warm layers and blissfully forget about them for months on end.

The good news is that fall weather is one of the most enjoyable to dress for because fall allows you to layer all your favorite pieces and create unique-to-you outfits that express your style. Plus, fall fashion leans on rich, stunning colors that you don’t want to miss out on wearing. It’s understandable that your fall wardrobe needs some revamping, but the task doesn’t need to be daunting. 

Keep reading for our best tips and tricks on how you can transform your sad fall wardrobe into one that’s full of life and color that is fun to wear each day!

Layer, Layer, Layer!

Rule number one of fall is: layering is your new best friend. You can look adorable in boho clothing at all your fall events by pairing your favorite top layers with your favorite essentials—and then add another extra layer just for fun. Fall fashion is generally more detailed than summer fashion, so if you love to create complex outfits by combining many pieces, fall is your time to shine!

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However, fall outfits can still be incredibly basic and easy to create by following a simple formula: a base layer (maybe a long sleeve top and pants or a dress) plus a light top layer (maybe a sweater or button down or cardigan) plus a heavy top layer, if needed (like a coat or vest). Then, add your shoes, purse, and accessories and you’re out the door looking trendy.

Find Quality Boots and Warm Shoes

Although you can bring some of your boho clothing summer staples into the fall with you (like lightweight pants, graphic tees, and summer dresses), one outfit change you’ll want to make is swapping your sandals for warmer shoes. Keeping your feet warm when the weather cools down should be a priority, but fortunately there are extensive options for cute fall shoes guaranteed to keep your toes toasty. From dressy to casual boots, to low-top and high-top sneakers, to closed-toe flats and heels, you don’t need to worry about running out of fall footwear options!

Don’t Forget the Essential Fall Accessories

Some of the transition time between summer and fall will feel like very similar weather and you’ll find you can largely dress the same as you did earlier in the year. And yet, when the wind starts to bite as you get nearer to winter, it’s time to add the essential fall accessories to your outfits. Knit hats, scarves, gloves, ear warmers, and thick boot socks are all insulating items that will keep your body temperature up when you’re in a cold space or outdoors. You can also add a bit of style by wearing enamel pins that have been customized to your interests. Enamel pins have become a popular accessory in recent years, and they can show off your personality while also keeping your fall outfit looking fresh. They are also easily available online from sites like

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Wear Deep Shades and Warm Earth Tones

As mentioned, fall color palettes are arguably the most stunning—both to experience and to wear. When you look around you during the autumn, it’s hard to miss the changing leaf colors, spectacular sunsets, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and landscapes that bring new colors to the year. And of course, this means it’s time to wear the beautiful shades in your clothing. Some of our favorite fall tones that are also flattering are pumpkin spice orange, rust red, rich plum, emerald green, dark navy blue, and mustard gold. If you like boho clothing, fall colors can really accent the whimsical, patterned pieces you love.

Look for Cozy, Insulating Materials

When you’re shopping for new fall clothing to revamp your closet, look for materials that are insulating and can be added to outfits for immediate warmth. Heavy fabrics like wool, knits, velvet, denim, and even cotton allow you to bring only one additional layer for warmth rather than an armful of coats and jackets. Even finding single layers—like a top or pair of paints—in a cozy material is a wise style choice if you want to simplify your outfits. Warm fabrics in boho clothing patterns and prints keep your looks fresh and cheerful in gloomy weather.

Wear Sweaters and Tights With Dresses

You don’t need to pack away all your cute mini and maxi dresses this fall. Instead, follow the rule of layering and pair them with wooly sweaters and tights. Not only does this make for an adorable boho clothing outfit, but it also guarantees you won’t overheat by wearing a heavy sweater with full pants and warm footwear. After all, there are some sunny days in early fall that don’t require much extra material.