Anti-Aging Treatments

A quick glance at today’s social media memories can do more than make you nostalgic. The in-your-face imagery of your youth can force you to acknowledge an unsavory fact — you’re aging. And unfortunately, it may not be as graceful as you’d expected. 

If that low-resolution photo has you wincing at the wrinkles and volume loss you see in the mirror, have hope. Taking the fast track toward aging is optional and reversing the impact your well-earned years have made is easy. In fact, unleashing the power of these three anti-aging treatments may inspire a side-by-side comparison between the past and present. After you’ve nailed down your routine, you might just start fooling everyone into thinking you’re skipping aging altogether. 

1. Take a Serious Look at Powerful Prescriptions

If you haven’t thought about prescription skincare past your teenage acne days, now is the time to revisit it. Powerful prescriptions can play a part in your anti-aging routine. Readily available online with a prescription, topical creams that help improve cell turnover surpass what’s possible over the counter. 

Among the most popular are retinoids, which are packed with vitamin A. An essential nutrient found in foods and most multivitamins, topically-applied vitamin A is a game-changer. Available in varying strengths, this medication can unclog pores, reduce wrinkles, and improve brightness. 

As you age, you lose volume in your face. Sometimes, this can help create more definition at the cheekbones, but it can also create hollow spots. Skin-plumping retinoids can balance out volume loss, helping you appear more youthful. Remember to apply your prescription on your entire face, next to your ears, and down your neck and chest. Full-coverage application will help restore your complexion on the areas of your skin that see the most damage. 

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2. Develop a Daily Skincare Practice That Restores Your Complexion

Beyond prescriptions, you should also build a daily skincare practice that’s complementary. Don’t count solely on prescriptions and resist the temptation to over-apply to speed up results. Instead, layer your skincare routine to support your overall skincare goals. At a minimum, establish a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine with sun protection to keep skin fresh. Incorporate restorative and targeted treatments based on your goals in both your morning and night routine.

Consider a regimen that exfoliates, builds, and nourishes your skin. Alternate between chemical and physical exfoliants to slough off dead skin and leave a fresh complexion. Chemical exfoliants like alpha-hydroxy acids are popular and are available in lower concentrations for safe at-home use. Some are offered in individual packages of pre-moistened pads to ensure proper application. Do one day of exfoliation, followed by restorative treatments, and two days of intense moisture for your best skin yet. 

Develop a manageable schedule; anything that’s too complicated will be easy to quit. Gather your items for morning and night in an easily-reachable place to make sticking to your routine a cinch. Use makeup bags to corral products and tools, and set evening moisturizers near your bedside and within reach. The less friction between you and your skincare routine, the easier it’ll be to stick with. 

3. Schedule Regular Treatments to Turn Back Time

Just like over-the-counter products can’t replace prescriptions, in-office treatments are hard to replicate. High-tech tools, equipment, and products administered by a licensed professional can make a major impact on your appearance. Plus, getting expert assessment and advice can help you model a treatment protocol that turns back time faster. Research local spas and aesthetic studios to learn what’s available in your area. Check reviews, consult with friends, and get a consultation before you commit to a treatment. 

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Many estheticians offer services that simply aren’t possible or safe at home. Chemical peels must be done safely by a professional, and extractions can irreparably damage the skin, if not done correctly. Microdermabrasion administered through a HydraFacial wand is virtually painless and incredibly efficient. By cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing the skin with custom serums, recipients glow afterward. And when you layer high-tech treatments with prescriptions and home care, you’ll practically radiate. 

If you’re using prescription medications, make sure your chosen treatment can be safely used together. Some prescriptions make your skin more sensitive to UV light, so be forthcoming with your skincare professional before you begin. With a skincare partner, you can track your anti-aging progress and adjust your treatments to flex with your goals. As with any self-improvement effort, consistency is key, so commit to regular treatments for the best results.

Age On Your Own Terms

Aging gracefully is possible and should be considered as part of your total wellness and health practice. After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ, serving as a protective barrier between you and the outside world. The opportunity to age is a gift. But if your body’s default mode has your reflection appearing different than you feel, the juxtaposition can be frustrating. 

Instead of simmering in disappointment, confidently pursue the anti-aging approach that provides you with smile-inducing results. Whether your treatment protocol involves prescriptions, holistic methods, or a blend, what matters is that you’re happy. When you’re happy, your mood and appearance will convey the truest, most authentic you, with or without wrinkles.