Café Umbrella

If you are a café owner keen on improving customer-experience for your guests, you can benefit immensely from café umbrellas. These commercial outdoor umbrellas help you ramp up your outdoor space without making you spend a fortune. Your guests find your place cosy and fun and want to spend more time there. This ultimately means more revenue and increased profits for your business. 

A nicely designed outdoor space can bring in rave reviews from your patrons. They won’t hesitate to tell other people about your café if they like spending time under the shade of your beautiful café umbrellas. This attracts more people and ends up increasing your business many folds. After all, word-of-mouth promotion is one of the best means of advertisement available to you.

But how do you go about ramping up your patio? Let’s see.

Where to start

Studies suggest that people love clubs and restaurants that have comfortable outdoor seating arrangements. So the first thing that you need to do is assess your outdoor space. What type of space is it? Here are a few options that will help you with your assessment.

1. Garden:

Your property may have a garden lying unutilised. A garden is a fantastic place for people to hang out because there is nothing more welcoming than nature in full bloom. A comfortable garden setup under the shade of a beautiful café umbrella makes for a fun place to chill. People love to hang around such places. 

Pro-Tip: Go for wooden umbrella frames if you don’t live in a particularly damp part of the globe. They go really well with a garden furniture setup.

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2. Poolside:

What’s the best place to hang out in summer. A beach? Yes. But, what if you live far off from the seaside? The best alternative to a sea beach is of course a poolside. If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your property, make use of the poolside. Turn it into a revenue-generator by converting it into a lounge. Recliners, outdoor tables and the cool shade of a commercial outdoor umbrella can turn it into a chill-zone for your guests.  

Pro-Tip: The cantilever umbrella looks really cool on a poolside. It is a fantastic modern iteration of the industrial outdoor umbrella. Its offset post ensures that you have ample room for a sprawling furniture setup. A swivel arm connecting the canopy to the side-post can be rotated 360 degrees around the post and also tilted up or down. This way you can block the sun at any time during the day. The canopy is made of UV and water resistant fabric to give your guests a safe place to chill. 

Commercial outdoor umbrella manufacturer Flare Shade adds class to quality by using Spanish Recasens and Italian Para Tempotest as fabric options for their umbrella canopies. These materials are extremely durable and practically weather-proof. 

3. Beachfront:

If you are lucky enough to have a beachfront in your café, make full use of it as a revenue-generator. Your guests will love to chill in the sun under the shade of beach umbrellas. The key part of the beach umbrella’s utilitarian design is its light weight. Packing and carrying it is a breeze. You can carry it to your favourite sunny spot on the beach and chill in its shade.

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Pro-Tip: Some smaller variations of the beach umbrella come with clamps at the end of the poles. You can use these clamps to fix your umbrellas to the lounge chairs for your guests. 

4. Balcony:

Your restaurant may be located in a multi-storeyed building and you may not have the rooftop at your disposal. Make use of the balcony if you have one. Turn it into a lounge for your guests with the help of outdoor umbrellas and a minimalist furniture setup. This way your guests can get the flavour of the outdoors many storeys above the ground.  

Pro-Tip: If your restaurant balcony isn’t too big, worry not! Use the wall-mounted cantilever umbrella. It is designed to be installed in places that aren’t big enough to house a full-size outdoor umbrella. Just use the wall-mounting mechanism to fix the swivel arm and the canopy to a wall. Tilt and turn the canopy according to your requirement and that’s it! You have a cool lounge ready for your guests. 

5. Rooftop:

Who doesn’t love to have dinner in a rooftop restaurant! If your restaurant has a rooftop, don’t let it go unutilised. What you need to transform your rooftop into a cool lounge for your guests is a minimalist furniture setup and bespoke café umbrellas. We don’t suggest using fixed-base industrial outdoor umbrellas on the roof because you need to pay heed to the structural integrity of your building. Café umbrellas with heavy bases will serve you best. 

Pro-Tip: We suggest the Saville Square and Matisse Octagonal patio umbrellas from Flare Shade as must-have accessories for your rooftop restaurant. They have distinct European design elements that can really ramp up the ambience of your rooftop. What’s more? They are made from extremely durable materials that are bound to last long.

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6. A sidewalk:

Most cafes have sidewalks beside their respective properties. If your café has one, convert it into a nice outdoor lounge for your customers with the help of beautifully designed café umbrellas.

How to start

Once you have assessed your outdoor space, it’s time to decide how to go about ramping up the place for your guests. Our pro-tips will give you a head start. Café umbrella manufacturers give their customers all sorts of bespoke services. You can choose your favourite colours and design themes for the canopy.  Remember, let your fashion sense to the talking. 

It is necessary for your brand to have a distinct set of brand colours and a logo. This gives your brand a much needed edge over the competition because this way your humble café umbrella becomes your low-cost brand promotion tool. 

The commercial outdoor umbrella really opens a new horizon for your business. It is not just a temporary shade solution. This is one accessory that has the power to boost your business without costing you a fortune on branding and advertisements. Why leave money on the table when you can do so much with the café umbrella? 


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