custom-made WordPress theme

Getting a clear picture of your resources can help you set priorities and achieve your WordPress site goals, so do so before you start building it. 

One of the most crucial aspects of your website is its theme. The design and branding of your website can significantly impact the number of visitors it attracts. According to research, 38% of website visitors will quit if the design and content are unpleasant. Visitors are less likely to become customers if a place looks unkempt and messy.

Resource Optimization 

Prioritize your resources based on your current situation to receive the most outstanding results. Ideally, the information on your website will be of some service to its visitors. Choose an “average” WordPress theme over low-quality content. Why? You can’t rely on your layout to make up for subpar content. 

Budgeting for marketing is a need. Your traffic strategy? In the absence of website traffic, how can a company expect to make sales? Upgrading your theme is an option if your material is sturdy and you have the funds available.

Split Testing Themes 

Updates and upgrades are never considered positive until they have improved your outcomes. Changes to your website’s theme can harm your business revenues if they do not improve them. 

Even if you believe your site looks fantastic, don’t become too attached to the design. It’s time to let outcomes guide your company to success. Without humility, your revenues may be harmed. Your theme adjustments can be efficiently split-tested to see whether or not a change should be retained or reverted to its original form. 

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Using Google Analytics to keep track of your results is a simple and cost-effective method of conducting a split test for your theme changeover project. Custom conversion statistics from before and after the change can inform you how your website traffic and results have been affected by the theme modification.

Choosing a theme for WordPress 

If you perform a fast search on Google, you will find tens of thousands of different themes from which to choose. To ensure that your theme is up to date, look for more recent themes that have been included on high-profile lists. 

Alternatively, if you are operating with a limited budget, you may try using one of the many free themes available online. Before making a selection, you should carefully consider the constraints that free themes have on the functionality of your website and the add-on possibilities available to you. There is a possibility that specific configurations will be inaccessible until an update is applied.

Furthermore, you can opt to go with a custom-made WordPress theme. Creating your unique WordPress theme from scratch is the most effective strategy for achieving your goals in this regard.


Generally speaking, your WordPress theme impacts both the user experience and the number of sales you make. Regardless of the financial constraints, the importance of website content should never be compromised. However, you can alter your website’s theme for free to increase sales and earnings. 

Improve the speed, smoothness, and user-friendliness of your site to get the most from your work! Conversions are most heavily influenced by the overall look and feel of a website.