3 Reasons to Visit San Diego (and Never Leave)

If you find yourself looking for sun and fun in abundance, San Diego, California, could well be the destination for you. There is a chance that upon stepping off the plane or opening the car door into the warm pacific air, you will find yourself spontaneously wanting to stay forever. In the likelihood of this event occurring, here are some superb reasons to visit San Diego in the first place (and never leave).

Warm, but in the best way

It not too hot and never too cold. With an average temperature of 70°F, San Diego’s weather can provide a remedy for those who feel like the freezing Decembers and Januarys are just plain unfair.

The consistency of the sun’s rays makes the golden state location the prime location for beach attendance. There are beaches aplenty in fact, San Diego sports a glistening coastline of 70 miles, giving new connotation to the term “spoilt for choice.”

The warm weather means that the city is rife with water activities like surfing and sailing, or even swimming with leopard sharks, for the times when you might be feeling particularly adventurous.

Luxurious living at the height of culture!

San Diego is home to music venues of all shapes and sizes. Some of the best places to see concerts in San Diego include the Casbah and the House of Blues, for all your gig-going needs.

Ranging from buzzing nightclubs and bars all the way through to the magnificent Balboa Park, which is among the largest urban parks in the entirety of the United States. Whether it might be night or day, there is something to see, to do, and to experience.

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Flying the flag of class and luxury when it comes to property in the Little Italy neighborhood are the beautiful chic apartments found at ArielSD.com, for if and when you finally decide to give in to the temptation of the city.

All of the food

The cuisine associated with a location is often one of its key attractions. Maybe the food on offer could be the deciding factor in whether or not you choose to make somewhere your home.

When your local food and takeout places offer you a diverse range of choices from a fantastic amalgamation of cultures, you might find that you simply cannot choose where to select. To avoid getting hangry, it is worth noting some of the culinary highlights San Diego has to offer.

It is likely worth your time to explore the multitude of restaurants in San Diego since the city does claim its nickname of, “the finest city in America.” The food ranges from upscale waterfront dining and late-night street tacos to the unique cuisine blend of Cali-Baja.

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Perhaps you can hear the faint sound of a well-deserved vacation calling your name, or maybe you dare to dream of a blissful retreat on the western coast. Whatever the case might be, San Diego is waiting to be explored.

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