Best Beach Destinations in Mexico

COVID-19 might be impacting our vacation and travel plans right now, but that does not keep us from dreaming about lush beaches and the sparkling ocean. Use this list of the Best Beach Destinations in Mexico to gather inspiration for your next all-out vacation. We factored in the scenery, water quality, crowdedness, and possible activities in the vicinity to choose our suggestions.

Why Mexico Beaches?

Well, for one, if you’re in the US, it’s close. But more important than that: There are about 5,800 miles (ca. 9,334 km) of coastline with beachfront rentals and wonder all around you that is full of beautiful beaches and clear ocean water. Whether you trade-in some amenities to score some under-the radar locations or go for the luxurious resorts on the Pacific or Caribbean coast, you’re sure to find exactly what you need if you check out our list on:

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Cancun
  • Xpu Ha Beach
  • Playa del Amor
  • Bahía Balandra
  • Playa Maroma 

1. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Beach is not far from the international airport and comes with a resort town full of activities, sightseeing options, shops, restaurants, and bars. If you get bored with wandering the beautiful cobblestone streets, you can enjoy nature at the beach or the nearby Sierra Madre Mountains.

Take a look at the stunning 14 acres of this Puerto Vallarta resort. The Westin Resort & Spa comes with beautiful beachside pergolas, pools, two beach clubs, a spa, and a fitness studio, along with all its palm trees and gardens.

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2. Cancun

There is no list of Mexico’s beach destinations without one of its most well-known beaches. Cancun Beach is famous for being a party location. Some compare it to towns like Las Vegas because it comes with high-end hotels, resorts, and all the accompanying entertainment options.

If you’re not into the party and gambling scene, you can spend your days on the 14-mile-long beach or go to explore the ancient Mayan attractions that are spread throughout the area.

3. Xpu Ha Beach

Xpu Ha Beach, as the name might suggest, is also a part of the Riviera Maya. It’s located a bit south of Puerto Aventuras. So far, the beach is still a lesser-known spot where locals come to relax. If you choose to take your vacation here, you might find some peace and quiet. That also means there are not too many restaurants or activities for tourists in the area.

You might join some local beach activities like soccer or yoga and can enjoy the local cuisine at restaurants or vendors on the beach. It’s the perfect spot if you just want to relax on a beach and take in some of the more genuine local cultures.

4. Playa del Amor

Back to one of the more famous locations. The Land’s End rock formation encloses the beach, which only makes it accessible by water with a boat from the marina located in Cabo San Lucas. The closed-off nature of the beach makes it a bit more intimate and gave it the nickname Lover’s Beach. Since it’s famous, you won’t get to feel too cozy with your significant other, but the charm of the area is still worth a visit.

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5. Bahía Balandra

In comparison, the Bahía Balandra in the Baja region of La Paz is much more reserved. There are no beachside amenities, so it typically attracts fewer crowds. Thanks to its sheltered nature and the rock formation they call Diamond Rock, the beach makes the perfect destination for families, who can swim and snorkel to their heart’s content.

6. Playa Maroma

Another Riviera Maya beach, the Playa Maroma, is a high-class beach vacation destination. Even more so since The Travel Channel voted it one of the top ten beaches in the world. If you want to experience that for yourself, you gotta save up. There are no budget accommodations anywhere near the beach, so you have to pick luxurious villas or hotels if you want access to the 2-mile-long beach belonging to the Catalonia resort.

If you can afford the trip, you get exactly what you’d expect: the perfect postcard vacation with soft sands and glittering clear water and all the luxuries of a high-class resort.


Mexico has a ton of beautiful beach vacation destinations, and this is just a selection. Whether you want a genuine local experience, uncrowded off-the-radar beaches, or the full luxury resort program, you can find it all.

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