When I decided to take the PMP certification exam spoto Information , it happened to be the last exam made up of all single-choice questions to test candidates, so I wanted to seize the opportunity.

There are several key points I want to mention:

The importance of preview

We all know that preview is a good learning habit but it is a bit difficult for employees to do so who do not have much spare time. If you have adequate time, you can take a good preview, writing down some notes on the textbooks. You can always have some time if you squeeze. With the basis of preview, you will find it easier to understand the explanations of teachers.

Attend classes on time

Some institutions offer face to face classes and some online livestreaming courses. The training courses I participate in combine both the approaches. I think both are pretty good. Teachers will inform us of the arrangement ahead of time. They would interact with us and give us some examples to explain some knowledge points. These examples are vivid and impressive which could help us better understand the basic theoretical knowledge of PMP certification.

Most candidates are experienced workers, involving a wide range of industries. Then, every company has its rules and regulations and management procedures. To prevent you from getting into a blind alley, you should understand that the project procedures of your company may be different from what is mentioned in PMP textbooks. It does not mean that the book is wrong or your company is operated in a wrong direction. In contrast, by combining your real working condition with the content in the textbook, you can better understand, digest, and memorize the content of PMI PMP certification.

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Basically, I attended every live course. A course may be long or short. I would always watch the replay to make sure that I have watched two times of the course. I would circle key points emphasized by teachers and take notes, particularly when the teacher said that the knowledge will be certainly tested in the exam. By marking out the key points, it was more convenient to sort out knowledge in the later part of the preparation.

You may find it difficult to understand the process groups and knowledge domain written in the textbook. Don’t worry, you don’t have to recite them all. You can master them by systematical learning.

During the e-course, you would be given some time to do questions and interact with your classmates. A good learning atmosphere is also important for your learning efficiency. We could make more progress together in a sound atmosphere.

Summary of preparation

If you find the document useful, you can print it out and read it several times for it is the essence of my preparation journey.

I am keen to taking notes. By reading notes, you can discover your weaknesses and deepen your memory and understanding. Different people have different habits of memorizing and taking notes. You can choose the way you like.

Do PMP sample questions.

In the last stage of PMP exam prep, we need to do a number of questions. My first PMP sample exam result wat not that ideal with a correct rate of 60%. To do 200 questions, you need to read a lot because each question is long. They are all situational and analysis questions. You can communicate with your working partners the thinking modes of solving problems so that you may be enlightened.

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These tips can help you to speed up your pace of solving problems in the exam.

  1. Mark out the key points. To figure out which knowledge or process group does the question test?
  2. Exclude irrelevant choices (This is very helpful)
  3. Choose the most proper answer. Do not hesitate.

Repeat doing the sample tests for two or three times. Remember the questions you have done wrong. It is necessary to have a look at the analyses of the questions you do wrong, which often give a summary of knowledge.

Through a large number of exercises, you will feel better and better with increasing correct rate. 

  1. Preparation before the exam

You may feel a bit anxious when the exam is coming. It is natural. Check these things before going into the exam room.

First, know the rules of exam clearly like the exam time and what you can bring and cannot.

Second, prepare necessary stationeries and certificates. Make sure that you know the exam site and how to get there. 

More importantly, fill in the answers in right positions.

That’s all. We hope the article can be helpful to you and every one can get an ideal exam result. 

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