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Regardless of business size, field, or industry, hiring the right iOS developer can be a tough decision. Whether you’re the CEO of a small startup or a successful entrepreneur of a Fortune 500 company, the world of application development has become incredibly competitive. While tech giants are battling to hire and retain top talent, offshore companies are joining in with expertise at a fraction of the cost. If you’re looking for iOS app developers for hire, the following five tips will help you get the best of both: convenience and experience.

  1. Look beyond experience 

Knowing everything there is to know about iOS app development doesn’t necessarily mean your chosen developer or team is just as good at implementation. That’s why, it’s even better to look at developers as human beings first. Are your candidates collaborative? Is your chosen team or provider agile? Assessing basic soft skills often provides better results in the long-term. 

  1. Assess hands-on skills 

Technical skills are important because it does matter to work with iOS developer who can understand programming languages such as Swift, C#, HTML7, Python, or Objective-C. But then again, keep in mind that you can’t have them all. Rather than get caught up on what developers know from theory, why not assess their hands-on skills? Give them a test before hiring and see how they perform in terms of speed, performance, stress management, and collaboration with other developers in the team. 

  1. Perform a close analysis of their portfolio 

Having a vast portfolio matters just as much as experience when hunting the market for a competent iOS app developer. Before hiring anyone, make sure to analyze their portfolio. Ask about live apps already on the App Store, check references, and make sure to talk about responsibilities and duties. Learn as much as you can about your candidate’s work style just to have an idea of their work flow. 

  1. Compare costs against delivery 

Before making any decision, it is equally important to compare the costs involved for building an iOS app. Whether you’re working with a freelancer or a team, comparing the overall price against delivery is critical for your business. It’s tempting to accept the offer of a provider promising to complete the iOS app in 2 months for $10,000. A smarter approach would be to consider a more detailed offer, and choose someone experienced who maybe will take 6 months to finish the app in 6 months. 

  1. Decide between in-house and outsourcing for iOS development 

Hiring an iOS developer is already expensive enough. Regardless of business size, you’ll probably need between 2 and 3 developers on a full-time basis. In this case, it’s up to you to decide. If you live in the US, the cost per 1 hour of advanced iOS development can easily exceed $150. But if you choose to hire an outsourcing team, the cost per team decreases significantly without making any compromises in coding quality. It’s a personal decision that can only be assessed once you’ve determined what type of app you need, your mission & vision, and ultimately, the complexity of the app. 

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Bottom line is, hiring a competent iPhone app developer is not impossible. The key is to get your priorities straight, know what technologies your business needs, and have a clear understanding of your needs and wants. If getting started seems too complicated, partnering with a specialized team in the field can save you both money and time. The experts at App Maisters have over 20 years of experience in iOS application development and a proven portfolio of fully functional apps that could help you make the right decision for your business. 



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