Everything You Need To Know About Parenting Orders

After you have children, your role doubles from being someone’s spouse to a parent. There are some duties, responsibilities as well as rights which you owe to your children. Even, when you plan to divorce or stay on separation, it must not affect your liabilities to your children. Here, where the importance of a parenting order arises. The family court of Australia issues parental orders for certain reasons. And, the most important reason is when either of the parents disclaims his /her responsibilities toward his/her children.

Who can help you?

Apart from parental orders, there are also consent orders which the family court of Australia conventionally issues. To be precise, consent orders are issued when both the parents agree upon a certain arrangement for their kid/kids. For further more assistance about parenting orders, you must contact any of the best divorce lawyers Perth right now. Hiring any of these lawyers will help both the partners to a great extent. In short, you will get comprehensive legal assistance after appointing a competent divorce lawyer in Perth.

A brief introduction to parenting orders

Parenting orders is an array of legal orders, specifying the duties of the parents towards their children. Some of the aspects that a parenting order deals with include:

  • Any possible facet related to the overall development and well-being of a child or children
  • The way of communication of a kid or kids with any of the parents they are not staying with.
  • The equal distribution of all the parental duties and responsibilities.
  • The amount of time a kid or kids can spend with their parents or other family members. Some of these family members include the kid’s or kids’ maternal as well as paternal grandparents and
  • In which way the kid or kids are going to live with their parents and other family members.
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And, if you want to know more about parenting orders, do get in touch with the best divorce lawyers in Perth.

When do you need a parenting order?

The need to apply for a parenting order arises due to certain circumstances. And, when you hire a proficient lawyer in Perth, you can do the same much more efficiently. Some of the situations which can lead you to apply for a parenting order are:

  • In case, you want to protect the parental rights of your children. This may happen effortlessly if your kids are suddenly shifted elsewhere.
  • You can also apply for a parenting order if you are on the lookout for any of your children.
  • To apply for a parenting order if you want a resume to live with your children once more.
  • The family court of Australia also allows you to apply for a parental order based on some resentful events. This kind of resentful incident can either be in the form of domestic violence or child abuse.

So, do you also need to apply for a parenting order for any of these situations? So, do that efficiently with the help of a qualified divorce lawyer in Perth.

Reasons to issue a parenting order

When the family court of Australia issues a parenting order, it does so for various reasons. And, the first and the foremost reason to do this is to protect the interests of a kid/kids. Apart from this, the Court also ensures a healthy relationship with the child or children with their parents.

The prime reason to issue parenting orders

The family court of Australia issues a parenting order, for many reasons as already stated above. However, the primary purpose which it wants to serve is different. Firstly, it aims at the utter protection of the kid’s or kids’ rights on their parents. It also aims at making parents adhere to the duties of their children effectively.

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How much time the parents can spend with their children?

Well, that depends on the responsibilities which have been allotted to each of the parents. Say for instance, the duties and responsibilities amongst both the parents are equal. If that is the case then both of them can spend equal time with their children. Besides, there is also substantial and significant time according to each of the parents’ responsibilities. This includes spending on holidays and weekdays by the parents with their children.

What else?

It also includes the spending of optimal time by the parents with their kids on some special occasions. Some of these events include festive occasions, their birthdays as well as some of their school functions.

Who can apply?

Both parents can apply for a parenting order to the court of law, depending on the situation. And, any of the adept divorce lawyers Perth can help you furthermore in this regard. You will also be surprised to know one more thing from your divorce lawyer. This includes the entitlement of any of the other relatives to apply for a parenting order on behalf of the child. These people include the kids’ grandparents or any other acquaintances who they share a kinship with.

Is it less expensive?

The answer is certainly yes. For, both the parents don’t have to rush to court time and again. In fact, they can save a lot of money and time as well by applying for a parenting order. So, you can say that it is a much cheaper option to resolve the issue of parental disclaimer efficiently.

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Consideration of the kids’ viewpoint

The Family Court of Australia considers various factors before approving a parental order. And, one of these factors includes the consideration of the kids’ viewpoints as well. This helps them to substantiate the reason for which the other parent is applying for a parental order. Besides, the Australian court gets to know about this through a family report which is usually issued by a family lawyer. This is the reason for which you should hire a potential divorce lawyer in Perth.

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