Pro-Immigration Candidates

For those of you who are confused about what to do with this election, whether you should cast your vote or not, the first line of defense lies in finding out which candidates have been fighting to keep us safe from deportation and building a better future for our children.

A lot of immigration lawyers have their hands full dealing with immigration cases. That is why it’s important to recognize pro-immigration candidates. In a way, they can help immigration attorneys by supporting proper immigration policies.

Who Are Your Pro-Immigration Candidates?

The most recent presidential election proved to be an overwhelming victory for Texas senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn (the winner of the senate seat), both notorious anti-immigration advocates. 

Despite their political clout, their constituents still overwhelmingly support immigration reform. Maybe this is because they know there would be severe economic consequences if enforced mass deportation, or maybe Texans are intrinsically pro-immigrant.

You can even ask an immigration lawyer that you trust if you need opinions on candidates. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to search very hard before coming across pro-immigration candidates in Texas — there are tons of them! Here are just a few:

René Oliveira – Precinct 1

State Representative René Oliveira represents Brownsville and other parts of Southern Texas. He’s been campaigning on the platform of immigration reform for years now. He has even voted down key anti-immigration bills proposed by his colleagues. 

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The controversial S.B. 4 went into effect during the summer of 2017, forcing local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with ICE agents regarding detainment procedures. 

However, Rep. Oliveira continues to fight against it at every chance given. He was among the 26 Texas representatives who signed a letter to ICE condemning their detention procedures for immigrants.

Senator Eddie Lucio Jr – Senate District 27

Sen. Lucio has served in the Texas State Senate since 1993 and represents Brownsville/Harlingen, South Padre Island, Port Isabel, Los Fresnos, and other communities in southernmost Texas. 

He’s been one of the top supporters of immigration reform for years now. He also worked with senators Kirk Watson and José Rodriguez to create a bipartisan immigration reform bill. 

The Texas House and Sen. Cornyn blocked the bill, so now they’re working together to push for immigration reform on the federal level.

State Senator Leticia Van De Putte

In her website’s Statement of Principles, Leticia Van De Putte has declared war against the anti-immigration reform efforts led by Republicans like Doug Lamborn and Lamar Smith. 

Fortunately for us, she is the Democratic nominee in the Texas 26th District and has an excellent chance to unseat her Republican opponent Felicia Harris.

State Representative Ana Hernandez Luna

Ana Hernandez Luna is another Democrat who already represents the Houston area at the state level and has fought for immigrant rights in Texas against Republicans like Michael McCaul. She’s running for re-election in Texas’ District 134, where she faces off against Rob Orr next month.

State Senator Jose Rodriguez

Senator Jose Rodriguez is yet another pro-immigrant Latino legislator who is looking to represent the diverse community of El Paso with his campaign for re-election in November. 

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Since his election in 2006, he has helped fight against the militarization of border communities and working families.

State Representative Mary Gonzalez

If you live in Texas’ District 75, it’s essential to know that your vote can help re-elect Democrat Representative Mary Gonzalez into office next month. 

Not only is she a solid progressive voice that fights for women’s rights, but she also has been an active champion for immigrant rights and LGBT issues during her first term at the state level. 

Avel Gordly

Former Oregon State Senator Avel Gordly announced through The Skanner News that she is running as a candidate for Commissioner of Multnomah County. 

That was in hopes of helping to maintain. Gordly also wants to expand on many local programs such as the Multnomah Youth Commission and Community Health Initiative.

Greg Stanton

Arizona’s First District City Councilman Greg Stanton runs for Mayor of Phoenix in a race that will surely be a nail-biter next month in a race that will surely be a nail-biter next month. 

He has been actively promoting civil rights and LGBT equality throughout his political career so far, so he deserves your vote if you live under the 77th Avenue area.

State Representative Rafael Anchia

State Representative Rafael Anchia currently represents Texas’ 103rd District to win re-election in November. This candidate has a strong voice on Latino issues; he has already been an influential community leader in public education or justice reform during his first term at the state level.

State Representative Eddie Rodriguez

Rep. Eddie Rodriquez represents Texas’ 51st District in the state legislature. He has already been a vital part of on-the-ground efforts to promote fairness and justice for immigrants and people of color at the local level. 

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His campaign, endorsed by groups such as the AFL-CIO and AFSCME, ensures that he will take care of us if elected into office next month. 

Congressman Luis Gutierrez

If you live in Illinois’ 4th Congressional district, don’t forget to cast your vote for pro-immigration reform candidate Congressman Luis Gutierrez this November. 

Not only has Rep. Gutierrez made immigration one of his utmost priorities during his tenure in Washington D.C., but he also has been a staunch advocate for LGBT rights in the past. 

State Senator Leticia Van De Putte

If you live in Texas’ 26th, then keep your eye out for Leticia Van De Putte’s campaign efforts to catch her around town at events or public debates with her opponent Felicia Harris! 

Thanks to all the support she is receiving from various Latino groups across the state, Rep. Van De Putte is another strong candidate who deserves our votes on November 4th.

It’s no surprise that all of Texas is taking a tough stance on immigration. Illegal immigrants are being hunted down, deported, and isolated from the rest of American society. 

There has been a lot of talk around the popular pro-immigration candidates in Texas.

Why It’s Essential To Choose Suitable Candidates For Immigration, Especially In Texas

As Texans head out to vote for the primary elections, several candidates claim they’re pro-immigration, despite their track record with border security. There are plenty of immigration law firms that are showing their support for several candidates.

Several Republicans have come forward touting themselves as “pro-immigrant” instead of anti-immigrant or xenophobic, yet some still refuse to accept DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients. These same individuals have records on the board to file bills against immigrants and use divisive language regarding foreign policy. For a more comprehensive look at pro-immigrant candidates, try to inquire with your local immigration attorney.


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