Everything You Need to Know About Ireland Immigration

Are you having wondering thought with everything you need to know about Ireland immigration? This article will enlighten you with the right knowledge for you to resolve issues regarding this topic. Ireland is a nice country for any immigrant to reside in either as a temporary or permanent residence. This country has been able to build a legacy for itself based on different things such as low crime rate, good health care, diverse opportunities, high standard education, etc.

Over the years, Ireland has accommodated many expatriates who have come to spend time living in the country comfortably. People have different things that ignite their interest in immigrating to Ireland. It is not ideal for anyone to move to Ireland without having the ideal knowledge to see them through. Anyone who wants to embark on such a far journey must be fully ready for them not to be caught unawares during their immigration process.

Steps to Follow for Ireland Immigration

The following are steps to take for Ireland immigration:

a). Application Form:

The application form can be gotten online from their immigration website. As an applicant, you should be able to fill the application form on time with the right details. The filling of this form is mandatory for any immigrant. In fact, it is the first step for any immigration process.

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b). Required Documents:

There is no way an immigrant will want to migrate to another country without the right documents. These documents help the immigration officer or lawyer to get the necessary information about the immigrant to know how genuine the person is.

c). Embassy Checkup:

After submission of these documents, the embassy will have to screen all the documents to know either the immigrants got them legally. This is being done by the Irish Consulate or consular at the embassy, and they make sure all the documents are completed.

d). Application Fee:

This fee is important for any application to be processed by the Irish embassy. This fee is stipulated in some embassies for any applicant to pay. It is one of the things you need to know about Ireland immigration. The complete fee must be paid without delay.

e). Waiting Period:

This is the time an individual has to wait for the application to be processed by the Irish embassy. Here, if the application form is being processed, a mail will be sent to the applicant for further inquiries. This is a sequential order for visa application into any country, and the Irish embassy is well detailed with the way they attend to immigrants.

Types of Ireland Work Permit

The following are the types of Ireland work permit:

a). General Employment Permit:

This type of permit is given to a job that has no qualification for it to qualify for any critical skill permit.

b). Spouse or Partner Permit:

This type of permit is issued out to spouses under a critical skills Irish permit holder.

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c). Intra-Company Transfer Job Permit:

This work permit is given to someone who is employed by an Irish employer, but the employee wants to leave the job to work with another Irish employer.

d). Internship Employment Permit:

These are students who are having their course of study in another country but are preparing to travel to Ireland for their internship.

e). The contract for Services Employment Permit:

These are foreign immigrants who are being employed by a foreigner but travel to Ireland on behalf of their employer.

f). Sports & Cultural Employment Permit:

This type of permit is being issued out to foreigners who are being skillful or have experience in a particular thing.

g). Exchange Agreement Employment Opportunity:

These are for immigrants who want to travel specifically for working with an international affiliation that the Irish government is involved in.

Types of Visa for Ireland Immigration

This is one of the things immigrants need to know about Ireland’s immigration. There are different types of visas for numerous purposes of traveling, and here they are:

a). Employment visa

b). Conference visa

c). Medical visa

d). Business visa

e). Marriage visa

f). Training visa

g). Family visa, etc.


The right knowledge is paramount if one would migrate to Ireland without any issue. The work permit and the visa should be able to fit in the actual purpose of the immigrant. This is the only way to be focused, and be prepared to face unforeseen challenges.

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