Must-Have Furniture Pieces For Your Lounge.

The excitement of your new apartment is unexplainable. Nothing beats the feeling offreedom and independence that comes with your new apartment…except the excitement of buying new furniture and decorating your safe space. Standing in your empty new home, you can think of so many ways to furnish it. The best part of furnishing your home is furnishing your living room to your liking. So many opportunities, so many ideas.However, it’s not as easy as it seems to a young enthusiastic mind. Your living room has to look classy and chic as well as comfortable and convenient. Your living room will be your most used room and you will also be welcoming guests there so it has to be fashionable and elegant.

Here are some must-haves in your living room that will give your lounge that perfect elegant look while also being comfortable.


The first and most important thing in your living room is the sofa. Couches are expensive to buy yet the most useful pieces of furniture in your room. After a long day at work, you will want to crash into a comfortable space while you have your dinner in the comfort of your living room. Remember to go for a colour that matches the colour theme of your living room. Your sofa should have a check warranty, arm length, frame, legs, and lastly, comfort!


Coffee table.

Now you need a central surface for your living room. Needless to say, you will be using it every time you come into the room. Therefore, the coffee table is the second most important item on our list. Your coffee table should also match the design and style of the rest of the room. Usually, a whitewash coffee tablegoes with any kind of furniture or room theme.

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Media stand.

Next, you need a media stand to hold your LCD or LED TV. Try to get a media stand with glass or wooden slabs as they give your living room a ‘clean’ and trendy look. Try to go minimal with the media stand but make sure it has a few shelves to hold your décor.


Relaxing or Accent chairs.

A sofa is not enough for your living room. Note that your living room is the central and most focused room of your home and guests will be using it as well. Moreover, sometimes you need to crash into a relaxing chair instead of laying on your sofa. So consider buying a relaxing chair with a design of a Gus Modern to make your room a living piece.


Shelving units.

For accessories for your room, you need shelving units to fill in the space. Minimalistic approach is the new black in interior design and nothing says “minimalist” better than shelving units. Get bookshelves or towel shelves to store the most items you can while giving your room the perfect look.



Do not forget matching curtains! While shopping for curtains, measure the length of your window and get curtains of suitable measurements.


Wall décor.

Lastly, fill in the empty walls with suitable and colourful wall décor. You can not go wrong with hanging a few art pieces or your favourite pictures on the walls!