So what should you expect from a professional home builder? Do you know what these qualities are, and can you trust them with your home? Can you really rely on them to build what you envision? If you can’t answer these questions with an answer, you need to keep looking until you find a reputable builder that meets all of these standards.


They should be licensed.

First, what should you expect from professional home builders?

They should be licensed by the right regulatory agency in your state and have insurance. This shows that they have the credentials and financial responsibility to make sure that they are qualified enough to run the business. It also shows that they have experience in working with homeowners so that they can better understand what it takes to get a home built properly. They should also have a reputation for fair and reasonable priced construction like CH home builders.

They have a history of good customer service.

Second, you should get to talk to several contractors before making a final decision. Some contractors won’t take you seriously if you don’t take them at their word. Others might not even be in the building business, but they have plenty of contacts that they can use to give you an honest opinion. The third type of contractor may actually be an architect or an engineer and would be able to tell you honestly what is going on without involving you in any decision-making. Finally, you should see a portfolio of some of the completed homes that the professional home builder has worked on so that you can get a better feel of what they can do for you.

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They have properly laid out plans.

Third, you should expect from your professional home builder certain guarantees. For instance, if they don’t guarantee a minimum amount of time for your project you shouldn’t hire them. Similarly, if they don’t offer to inspect your home for problems you should avoid them as well.


Give regular estimates.

Fourth, you should get regular estimates. This should include both initial designs and ongoing maintenance costs. Also, it’s important for your professional home builder to be up-to-date on the latest home construction techniques. That means they should be familiar with insulation techniques, including those used for high-efficiency windows and doors, and those used for sliding and fixed roofs. They should also be familiar with any new developments in energy efficiency standards that are currently being enforced by the state and/or federal government.


They should have written documentation for everything.

Fifth, you should get everything in writing. Nothing is more important than getting your construction details in writing so that there is no dispute later. Nothing says “professional” more than a contract that outlines each builder’s commission schedule and includes full disclosure of materials, labor, and other costs. This is what you should expect from a professional home builder. If they offer to offer a written estimate, follow it.


Someone who will be “on-site” during the build.

Sixth, you should be able to find someone who will be “on-site” during the build. Most professional contractors and builders offering what you should expect from a professional home builder can make themselves available for visits. You need someone who can explain your options to you and answer questions about the project. 

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A great way to find someone who is available is by asking friends, family members, real estate agents, and others who may have hired a contractor or builder recently. Also, it is important to find a contractor that has done work in your area in the past, especially if you plan to build the house in a particular geographical area. Ask for referrals and check out a number of local builders before hiring anyone.


Affordable price range.

Lastly, they should have an affordable price range. Remember that it is your home, so you are the boss! However, there are builders out there who can offer what you should expect from a professional home builder but charge less. Of course, you want to make sure the price is right for you. In the long run, this will save you money.


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