Hiring Pest Control

While hiring a pest control company to take care of your home, you mustn’t make any mistakes. Here are some common errors people make when hiring companies for pest control Jackson MS.

Not Getting All the Details on Pricing and Payment Options

In 2022, homeowners’ average cost for insect control in Jackson, MS, is between $73.00 and $727.00.

Typically, pest control companies in Jackson will submit quotes for the work upon your request. However, some may not, and it is necessary to estimate what is involved and how much you need to pay in cash or through other means such as credit cards or checks.

Not Doing a Thorough Inspection

It is an essential step in hiring a pest control service for your home. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can choose to hire an independent professional or a franchisee.

If you want your house to be free from pests, then it is best that you do a thorough inspection yourself before going ahead with the pest control service. It is very important to know what kind of insects are present in your house so that the right pest exterminator can be found for the job.

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Not Considering the Type of Service

There are different services pest control companies may provide for example, extermination, prevention, etc.

The type of service required will usually depend on the severity of the problem.

Some different kinds of services you can get are:

  • Extermination services to remove the existing infestation.
  • Prevention services to keep pests away for an extended period.
  • Sanitation services to ensure that no other pest problems arise due to poor housekeeping by the client.
  • Restoration services where pests have damaged personal property require replacement or repair.

Not Asking About the Existing Infestation When They Check the First Time 

A recent news article reported that two million dollars had been allocated to farmers in Mississippi for sustainable pest management.

When you contact a pest control company for service in Jackson or get information, don’t forget to ask about the infestation when they come home for the first check. How many were there? Where are they located? 

What type of pests were they? How long has the infestation been going on? What damage have they caused so far? Are there any health hazards to my family and me due to the infestation, and if so, what types and how can we counter them?

Not Getting a Contract Agreement

The agreement is essential, especially if you wish to get an idea of how much the total cost will be before you go ahead with hiring the pest control company. You can use the information to compare costs among different companies and get the best deal possible.

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Not Getting a Guarantee

Even if you choose a company that you will end up hiring, it’s good to ask for a guarantee on the work as this will ensure you get some money back if they don’t do as promised.

It is essential for larger jobs such as those that require termite control.

Not Asking About the Tools Used by the Pest Control Company

Pest control companies use various tools and techniques. These include:

  • Biological pest control.
  • Chemical pest control.
  • Non-chemical pest control.

So, when hiring a company for pest control in Jackson, MS, ask what tools and techniques they will be using to get rid of the pests in your home and if there will be any chemicals involved (and how many types).

If you’re sensitive to chemicals, it would be best to avoid services that involve chemical pest control, or you can ask specific questions to help determine if the company is being honest with you regarding the nature of their chemicals.

Not Asking About Licenses and Insurance Coverage

Licenses and insurance coverage are an essential part of the service you will be getting. The license type required will vary depending on where you live. 

It is necessary to ask whether the company has the necessary licensing and insurance to ensure you are not held liable in the case of any injury or property damage that may arise during pest treatment.

A license is indicative of the ability of the company to do the job well and ensure your safety while they are doing it.

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Not Asking About Additional Charges

There are some circumstances where the work of an exterminator may require additional charges depending on your location, how old your house is, etc. 

Therefore, it’s essential to ask about any additional charges that may apply before hiring a pest control company.

Hiring the First Company that Comes to Your Mind

It is necessary to ask for at least three quotes from companies you can trust as this will help you shortlist those companies who may not give the best service at the best price.

It is essential to check for customer reviews and testimonials. You can check for reviews online or, even better, speak to the previous customer if this is allowed by the company you are looking at hiring.


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