AC replacement in Winter Haven, FL: 8 Benefits of Replacing Your Old AC Unit!

It’s the middle of summer and you’re uncomfortable in your home. The AC unit is old and outdated, making the temperature unbearable. You may be considering a replacement, but with winter right around the corner, is it really the best time? Here are eight benefits of replacing your old AC unit that may convince you to take the plunge. 

  1. A new AC unit is more energy-efficient:

The average lifespan of an AC unit is 10-15 years. As your unit gets older, it becomes less efficient and will start to rack up your energy bill. A new, energy-efficient model could save you 20-40% on your monthly cooling costs. When you schedule AC replacement in Winter Haven, FLNofollow with a leading contractor, they’ll help you choose a unit that’s the right size for your home and your needs.

  1. You can take advantage of rebates and tax credits:

There are often rebates and tax credits available for energy-efficient AC units. Replacing an old, inefficient unit with a new one could put money back in your pocket come tax time.

  1. A new AC unit will improve your indoor air quality:

Over time, your AC unit will start to circulate dust, pollen, and other allergens throughout your home. This can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. A new AC unit will have a built-in filter that will help improve your indoor air quality.

  1. You’ll enjoy more consistent cooling:

An old AC unit often has to work overtime to cool your home, leading to hot and cold spots. A new unit will provide more consistent cooling, so you can feel comfortable in every room of your house. Scheduling residential AC services in Winter Haven, FL can help you find the perfect unit for your home.

  1. A new AC unit is quieter:

As an AC unit ages, it will start to make more noise as the parts begin to wear out. A new unit will be much quieter, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet in your home.

  1. You won’t have to repair an old AC unit as often:

An old AC unit will start to break down more often, and the repairs can be expensive. When you invest in a new unit, you won’t have to worry about repairs for many years.

  1. Your home will be more valuable:

If you’re thinking about selling your home, a new AC unit can increase the value. Potential buyers will be willing to pay more for a home that has a brand new, energy-efficient AC unit.

  1. You can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint:

When you choose an energy-efficient AC unit, you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. New AC units use less energy, which lowers your carbon emissions.

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AC replacement may not be something you’ve considered, but it comes with a number of benefits. If your unit is old and outdated, replacing it now could save you money in the long run. And, you’ll enjoy more consistent cooling, improved indoor air quality, and a quieter home.

Tips To Choose the Right AC Replacement Contractor in Winter Haven, FL

When it comes to AC replacement, you want to be sure you’re working with a reputable contractor. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right company for the job:

  1. Get multiple estimates:

Don’t just go with the first contractor you speak to. Get estimates from a few different companies so you can compare prices.

  1. Check reviews:

Take the time to read reviews from past customers. This will give you a good idea of what to expect from each contractor.

  1. Ask about warranties:

Make sure you ask about warranties before making your final decision. You want to be sure the company you choose offers a good warranty on their work.

  1. Get it in writing:

Once you’ve decided on a contractor, get everything in writing. This includes the estimate, the timeline, and the warranty.

  1. Compare financing options:

If you’re not able to pay for the replacement upfront, ask each contractor about their financing options. This will help you choose the company that offers the best terms.

AC replacement can be a big job, but it’s important to take your time and choose the right contractor. With these tips, you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your home.

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Need AC Replacement Services in Winter Haven, FL?

If you’re in need of AC replacement services in Winter Haven, FL, contact Integrity Refrigeration and A/C at 863-557-4608. We offer a variety of AC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to find the perfect unit for your home. We also offer financing options to make the replacement process more affordable. Call us today to schedule a consultation.



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