Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Have you heard of a saying:

“Falling out of the frying pan into the fire.”

It means we get stuck into another problem just after solving one. This is what happens when you purchase a Robot Vacuum Cleaner without knowing these 5 facts mentioned in this article. 

So, we strongly suggest you not skip this article if you are looking forward to buying robot vacuums

Without any more sloth, let’s just skip to the main content soon. So, let’s just dive into those 5 points to have an eye on before purchasing the RoboVac. 

5 Points to never roll eyes on before RoboVac’s purchase

Firstly, we will have a list of these 5 points. So, it could work as a summary for you. 

You can understand what troubles you might encounter after purchasing a RoboVac. 

  1. Getting stuck on the floor occasionally. 
  2. Eating shoelaces, cables, pet-hairs, hairs, occasionally. 
  3. You have to empty it manually & cleaning their brushes is upon you.
  4. Turning quite noisy sometimes.
  5. The charging station requires a specific place too.

Below will be a brief description, reading them you will catch more ideas about the same. 

Let’s begin one after the other of the facts mentioned above.

1. Getting stuck on the floor occasionally

Robot Vacuum Cleaners generally tend to find their path around your home. It follows the path that you set for them previously. 

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RoboVac is also assumed to avoid obstacles like furniture, shoes, and other things that are in its path. But keeping this hope from all Robovacs is in vain. 

But even with their optical sensors and ability (in pricier models) to map your home’s floor plan, even the best robot vacuums can find their way into situations that they can’t get out of.

How to overcome this situation?

For the first few rounds, if you follow the Robot Vacuum everywhere, you can easily spot the places where it gets stuck.

While you have spotted these spots, manage to turn them into Robotic Vacuum Friendly. So, that your Vacuum can move freely around your house and clean it efficiently.

2. Engulfing shoelaces, cables, pet-hairs, hairs

Getting a Robotic cleaner is not where your task ends. You have to take care of the entangling pieces that fall in Robot’s path.

This robot can catch hairs, pet hairs, shoelaces, cables, etc. And that tangles these items inside it, giving you a headache after malfunctioning. 

How to overcome this situation?

Pick it up before setting the robotic vacuum cleaner free on the floor. Else, you will find these strands entangled inside it.

Moreover, it can cause your robotic cleaner to malfunction sometimes. So, if you want to avoid these situations, make sure to pick up strings before beginning the cleaning process. 

3. Cleaning Brushes & Emptying dust from RoboVac

The constantly rotating brushes present under the Robotic Vacuum cleaner are the dirtiest part.

Cleaning these brushes sometimes can be a hassle. But you have to do it. There is no choice left. Remove the brushes and pull out the hairs, and other things strangled in them.

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When it comes to emptying the dust compartment of the robot vacuum cleaner, that too you have to perform. Some models have a feature of self-emptying the bin. But most of them don’t.

How to overcome this situation?

There’s nothing you can do about it. You just need to do these tasks yourself.

4. Turning quite noisy sometimes!

Mostly, a robotic vacuum cleaner tends to produce minimum sound. But due to some factors, it turns out to be noisy sometimes.

For instance, there’s a lot of stuff to clean, or anything hard is stuck inside the Robo, at that time, it produces the most noise. 

Additionally, if your house has pin-drop silence, you will find the sound your RoboVac is making to be quite noisy.

How to overcome this situation?

To overcome this situation, you can keep hard things away from the cleaning path of your Robot Vacuum Cleaner. 

And if it’s still noisy, you have to bear it for the time until it cleans your house. 

5. Charging base (Home Base) requires a special place 

Most of us feel that the charging station should be tucked at any corner of the house. But it’s not true in alases. You have to issue a special compartment for its home base. 

How to overcome this situation?

The specs that your RoboVac’s power station will require will depend on the model that you are using.

Most power stations need fixing against the wall. It sits well against a flat wall having a minimum of 1.5 feet of empty space around it. 

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So, choose the home base’s space wisely. Because once placed wrongly, your robovac may not charge automatically due to a deficiency of space.

You have to revise its location again and after that, you can use your RoboVac again. 

Final Verdict

Even after all these facts, people prefer purchasing a Robot Vacuum cleaner. 

Why? Because it cuts half of your cleaning task. You can rely on it for cleaning your house regularly. So, we suggest you should get one for your house too. There are models available that are budget fits for everyone. So, find these models here and buy one soon!


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