Never Let Black Mold Grow in Your House

No research so far suggests that black mold causes serious health concerns such as lung diseases or cancer. However, exposure to black mold does cause headaches, a runny or blocked nose, pain and aches, and several other health issues especially if you have allergies. Its ugliness should not be the only reason for hiring a Baltimore home cleaning company. 

If someone in your family is sensitive to mold, exposure to black mold may develop respiratory symptoms. Clean your house on a regular basis and don’t let moisture dampen your walls and furniture. If black patches of mold are already there, call a Baltimore home cleaning company and get rid of black mold. 

Is Black Mold Dangerous

As it releases mycotoxins, black mold is also known as toxic mold. If you are living in a contaminated building, mycotoxins can pose some serious health risks. It may cause mold poisoning with symptoms including:

a). Headaches

b). Changes in mood

c). Aches and pains

d). Nosebleeds

e). Memory loss

Exposure to mold causes:

1. Allergy and irrigation

2. Infection

3. Toxic effects

Allergy and Irritation

Sensitivity to mold is linked with allergies. If you are suffering from allergy, you may experience the following symptoms due to mold:

a). Watery, red eyes

b). Blocked or runny nose

c). Skin rashes

d). Dry cough

e). Sinusitis

f). Sore throat

g). Wheezing

If you have some pre-existing lung conditions, severe mold allergies can lead to shortness of breath. Call a professional team for house cleaning in Baltimore if you have infants or young children at home. Exposure to mold increases the risk of asthma in children. 

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You don’t have to worry much about health issues due to mold if you have a healthy immune system. However, there is a high risk of fungal infections in people with weak immune systems. 

Toxic Effects

Not all types of molds produce mycotoxins. Mycotoxicosis occurs if you eat moldy food. Clinical evidence available so far shows that coming in contact with mold causes mycotoxicosis. As per reports, mold exposure does not result in cancer or serious lung diseases. According to the CDC, mold exposure is not responsible for rare or unique health conditions. This does not mean that there are no harmful effects of black mold. It is not good for kids and people with allergies. If there are black spots on your walls or furniture, go for cleaning services in Middle River MD.

There are different types of mold that may or may not cause issues in some individuals. However, you should avoid long-term mold exposure. The following groups are more prone to health problems due to mold exposure:

1. People with asthma or allergies

2. Older adults

3. and children

4. People with low immunity

Get Rid of Mold

Black mold and other types of mold look ugly and can cause health problems in some groups. There are several ways you can remove mold from your house

a). Use hot soapy water or a mold removal product to remove mold. You also hire a professional cleaning company. 

b). Get rid of wallboard, carpets, or any other soft or porous material that may encourage mold growth.

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Mold Growth Prevention

Humid and damp environments are suitable for mold growth. You can take the following steps to prevent mold:

1. Look for signs of water damage in your house.

2. Clean your house on a regular basis to avoid mold and mildew.

3. Use exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen.

4. Install an AC with HEPA filters.

5. Don’t use carpets in the basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

6. Remove old newspapers and books.


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