Legal Profession: What a Personal Injury Lawyer’s Salary

If you are looking for a career in legal, one has many options. One option is Personal Injury law. Before you decide to be a personal injury attorney, there are many things one should know. Read in this blog, how much the personal injury lawyer salary is. This blog will also let you know some key factors about personal injury law.

Salary of a Personal Injury Lawyer

The salary depends on whether one is an employee of a company or if one does his own practice. Employees of legal companies get paid on a regular basis. Their package would be between  $71,431 and $94,462.

One who has their own practice personal injury cases work on a fixed percentage. They get 30%-50% of the percentage on settling personal injury cases. The risk in regular practice is that one loses the case, then they don’t get anything at all/paid.

Personal Injury Lawyer handles broad

A personal injury lawyer handles a broad number of cases. In these cases like worker’s compensation, auto accidents, or product injuries cases. You can also try defending these cases. One can explore various options for a legal career and make a wonderful decision for your future.

Personal Injury Cases Types

The below list can give ideas to readers about types of Personal Injury Cases Types. Here is the following list:-

  • Injuries due to Animal bites
  • Motorcycle and Auto accidents
  • Airline accidents
  • Cycle accidents
  • Defected products
  • Malpractice of Medical
  • Building construction accidents
  • Accidents happened during boating
  • Injuries like burn and  Brain, also Spinal cord
  • Accidents happened due to while walking on roads
  • Slip and fall on floor accidents
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What type of Education

Attorney specializes in the same training and education as every lawyer. Every lawyer has to earn his degree and has passed written examinations unless they have not completed an undergraduate degree and passed the test of Law School Admission with a remarkable high score. Additionally, lawyers can get certified in civil trial by completing it. This certificate would be accredited by the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification  ( NBLC ). It is a non-profit organization recognized by the American Bar Association who provides a board of certification to attorneys.

Several states also say that a personal injury lawyer should pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination ( MPRE ). This MPRE focuses on one’s professional behavior.  After this, one might need to continue education courses.

What Skills required :

A successful personal injury attorney should have good verbal advocacy, negotiation, and client dealings. The lawyer should know how to handle stress and pressure. This is particularly for those who practice on their own rather than as an employee/associate of some legal firm. Specialist attorneys handle clients on a fixed basis meaning they will be paid some percentage if the case gets resolved. This is generally 30 – 40 percent. The party will not pay a fee unless a lawyer resolves a case. They are only paid if they win. These cases take sometimes a lot of years to get resolved which helps in building the most important time management skills. A personal injury lawyer thus has to balance all.

Hope this information will be helpful.

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