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Home is the place, where people love to spend more time. Hence, to have the best environment for mind and body, people try to keep it as clean and sparkling as possible. They perform deep cleaning along with regular cleaning to make their homes fresh and sparkling. Sometimes, even after performing a thorough deep cleaning you may not get result as per the expectation. To avoid this situation of disappointment we have gather some time saving and easy tips and tricks for deep cleaning after performing a profound deep cleaning in reading.

  • Wash bed sheet and pillow 

Regular cleaning is not enough to keep your bed clean enough, in deep cleaning you have to take wash bed sheets and pillows to have a sparkling look in your bedroom. 

  • Cleaning blinds with a piece of soft cloth 

Use a dry piece of soft cloth to remove the stagnant dust particles over the blinds. Then, use a similar piece of cloth soaked in the mixture of vinegar and water to cleaning the stains over the blinds. 

  • Make shine the sink 

Cleaning skin is not anymore a tough task; this tip will make your sink shine as if you have bought it new. Make a mixer of backing soda and vinegar and apply thoroughly over the surface of the sink for 5 minutes. Then, scrub it with a water soaked cloth for 2 minutes, and finally wash the sink with water.

  • Shiny toilet 

Toile is a complex thing to clean and shine, people use various chemical to make it clean. But, here is hack for you, use a carbonated cold drink to wipe out all the harsh stains on your toilet surface. This will save your time and money both. 

  • Use vinegar to remove stains on glasses 
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Window glasses or screen glasses are easy to clean with vinegar. The acidic nature of vinegar reacts with stains and removes them every efficiently. Although, it seems a simple trick but it works perfectly. 

  • Use lemon of oven 

Mostly, people feel so irritated when they have to clean the oven because of its unpleasant smell. Here is a fast and working tip for you. Take a lemon and cut into two halves, then rub the inner surface of half cut lemon on the inner surface of the oven. It will take less than a minute to clean your oven. 


  • Dust corner with old tooth brush 

Dusting corners is a tricky job, people often leave corners and dust particles keep depositing there. This makes home look filthy even after deep cleaning. An old tooth brush can help to remove all dusts particles form intricate corner of your home. So, take out an old tooth brush for corners while, doing a deep cleaning in your home.

  • Use a reliable deep cleaning service 

Mostly, people think that deep cleaning is just a normal task and they don’t need any special services. However, they are wrong! Deep cleaning is a professional task and it needs a reliable service provider like, octo clean is a best Deep cleaning provider in Oxford.” Hence, go for a reliable service provider to make your home sparkle after a deep cleaning. 


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