Matthew Lepre

Earning a six-figure salary is hard unless you’re Matthew Lepre. Like most people, he wished to make money without slaving over a 9-5 routine. With patience, perseverance, and some business savvy, he has created an e-Commerce empire unlike any other. 

So, who is Matthew Lepre? If you’re curious about his background and how he attained unparalleled success, make sure to read on. 

Matthew was a university dropout.

Matthew Lepre did not originally intend to become an entrepreneur. He was enrolled in the prestigious University of Melbourne, where he was taking up dentistry.

Four years into his studies, Matthew realized that this path was not for him. He dropped out of school to create e-Commerce businesses, essentially paving the way for his newfound success.

Matthew worked back-breaking jobs.

After dropping out, Matt had to take a job. He worked three just to make ends meet. 

Fortunately, he managed to save up some money to start his own Ee-Commerce business. The rest, of course, is history. 

The entrepreneur began with skincare products.

Matthew’s journey started with signing up for an online course. He was new in e-Commerce, which is why he wanted to learn from the industry’s best.

And learn he did. 

Armed with indispensable knowledge, he began selling skincare products. He sourced his items in China, which he sold via dropshipping. His course is all about helping you earn money through this method, like the way he did! 

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As his sales steadily increased, he used the extra money he earned to build another business. This time around, he sold educational items. 

Not long after, he was earning A$160,000 a month.

Matthew Lepre founded the Ecom Warrior Academy.

While his earnings were more than enough, he decided he wouldn’t stop. He wanted to give other people the financial freedom he has achieved with his businesses. 

This was when he decided to create the Ecom Warrior Academy online program. It offers various modules, the most notable of which is the Dropshipping Accelerator training course. With this, you can learn the basics of setting up and running an e-Commerce store. 

The key to living a 6-figure life just like that of the founder lies in this course’s immersive topics:

  • Researching items that yield the most sales
  • Building your store
  • Implementing Facebook ads 
  • Automating your eCommerce site

As a bonus, Matthew also offers the following perks to people who sign up:

  • Daily group mentoring
  • 15-minute sessions with coaches
  • Live chat for any question
  • Unlimited email support
  • Product selection 

With his immersive courses and extensive support, Matt has helped many students earn thousands of dollars in just a few days. 

By signing up for this program, you can be just like his students. 

He offers free content to help grow your business.

If you don’t have the money to join Matthew’s mentorship programs for the time being, you can still gain some helpful business insights. All you just need to do is follow his social media accounts and take hold of free content. 

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If you’re looking forward to learning from the entrepreneur, you can stream the videos from his YouTube channel. 

You can also follow his Facebook page, where he shares content and media regularly. 

These golden tidbits of information can help you build a successful store, giving you the resources you need to participate in his e-Commerce course. 

Matthew Lepre is living the dream.

So what do you do when you have a business that yields a lot of money? Live the life you have always wanted, of course!

Indeed, Matthew is living the dream, which includes jet setting from one country to the next. And even if he’s not there physically with his company, he continues to achieve the financial stability most people desire.

He’s so caught up with the jet-setter lifestyle that he actually needs some assistance. The entrepreneur recently posted wanted ads for a personal assistant and an Instagram photographer. Apart from promising a fun experience, these jobs come with a hefty salary every year. 

Who knows? You might be the person Matthew is looking for! 

He is still single.

Because of his fame, a lot of people have looked up Matthew’s relationship status on Google

The good news is, you still have the chance to steal the entrepreneur’s heart. 

Yes, he is still single (and more than ready to mingle)!

Although Matt has the freedom to roam around the world, he still has to find his one true love. Hopefully, he finds her soon. 

Matthew Lepre’s Cinderella story has got many people hooked on starting an e-Commerce business. And if you want to achieve results similar to his, it’s time to sign up for his training courses today.

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