The 5 Most-Underrated Heist Movies to See

Heists are some of the most riveting and suspenseful movie plots out there. After all, what’s more, exciting than seeing a group of people plan and execute a theft together? 

Films about heists are always full of twists and turns, but some heist movies aren’t as well-known. Here are five underrated heist movies that you may not have heard about before but are definitely worth watching.

This heist-thriller stars Zachary Quinto as a hacker who gets entangled in a heist and ends up with a bunch of criminals. The Dark Equation features all of the twists and turns that heist movies are known for, and it also has a unique and intriguing tech angle, as Quinto’s character is a hacker. 

You’ll want to see this one if you are a tech or hacker fan. That being said, the Dark Equation does have one thing that makes it slightly less appealing to the masses. It was only released in 10 theatres, making it almost impossible for most people to see.

  • Inside Man

The Inside Man is a realistic heist movie that takes place in New York City. Russell Crowe plays a detective who must try to hunt down a crew of criminals who have plotted and executed a heist against the New York Stock Exchange. This heist movie is different from the others on this list because it’s set in the real world. 

This makes Inside Man a must-see for crime drama fans who like their movies to be based in reality. The Inside Man is a suspenseful and exciting movie with a great cast, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be very well-known in the heist movie genre. 

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This means it’s not as widely recommended as the other heist movies on this list. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from checking it out if you’re a heist movie fan. The Inside Man is a great heist movie you will want to see in movie previews.

  • Fireflies in the Dark

Fireflies in the Dark is a heist-thriller set in the fictional city of New Bastion. This movie features an all-star cast including Michael Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Mia Wasikowska. The plot of this movie follows a group of criminals who plan a heist against the biggest casino in New Bastion. 

As you may have guessed from the plot description, this heist movie has a lot in common with Ocean’s Eleven, including the fact that it’s about a group of criminals who plan a heist against a casino. 

  • Casa de Salud

Casa de Salud is a heist-thriller that follows a crew of criminals who plan a heist against a casino. This movie is interesting because it’s in Spanish, making it a good option if you are trying to learn the language. 

Casa de Salud is also a unique heist movie because it was shot in the deserts of Mexico. This means that it’s another realistic heist movie, similar to Inside Man. If you’re a lover of realism in film, this makes Casa de Salud a great option. Casa de Salud isn’t as well-known as many other heist movies, and it doesn’t have as many reviews, so it may be harder to find. 

  • The Hot Rock

This heist movie follows a group of criminals who plot to steal a gem-encrusted egg worth millions of dollars. The Hot Rock is a heist movie made in the 1970s, and it has a unique and exciting plot, making it a must-see for heist movie fans. 

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The Hot Rock is a great heist movie that has faded into obscurity over the years. This means that it’s not widely recommended, even among people who love heist movies. If you are a heist movie fan, don’t miss out on this. 


The Dark Equation, Inside Man, Fireflies in the Dark, Casa de Salud, and The Hot Rock are great heist movies you don’t want to miss. These films are unique and exciting, from realistic settings to fictional stories. 

If you are a heist movie fan, you don’t want to miss these films. Check them out and see for yourself why heist movies are so great.


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