Laundry Hacks to Save You Time & Money

Every homemaker’s challenge is to get through every day doing never-ending house chores. It’s unlikely to see your kitchen sink or laundry baskets empty, at least for only a few hours. Sometimes, it is overwhelming to see unorganized things around the house, a pile of laundry in the hamper, and dishes to wash.

Even though you want to leave these chores, you can’t. You don’t want you and your house to smell, right? Instead of sulking over the endless chores, you have to find a way to maximize your time and money in doing chores, especially laundry.

Let’s dig in some laundry hacks to save you time and money.

Laundry Hacks that Saves Time

Before we proceed to any hacks, the first thing you need to do is decide which laundry system you will follow. The laundry system you should choose has to complement your lifestyle and preference.

There are two systems to choose from in selecting your laundry system: do a load each day or pick a laundry day.

If you choose to do one load each day, you have to do it at your preferred time, either before work or after work. The trick is to start the load as soon as possible, set the timer to prevent it from sitting in the washer. You need to do it swiftly to avoid re-wash.

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Meanwhile, if you plan to choose a laundry day, you select your preferred day of the week. It’s best to have it after work on Friday, although it’s my preferred day, it’s better to do it in one day and have two days of relaxation during the weekend. You can focus on the task and do it all in one day.

Sort Out Clothes in Laundry Hamper

One of the time-consuming things in the laundry is checking their label and sorting the clothes one by one. You can eliminate this time-consuming step by sorting out your clothes in the laundry hamper every time you change your clothes. Make sorting out a discipline.

You can manage to sort out clothes efficiently by:

  • Using dividers for the laundry bin.
  • Separate light clothes and dark clothes.
  • Use a small bag to sort smaller clothing articles like socks and handkerchiefs.

Sorting out clothes is a real sport during laundry. You have to sort out clothes in different sizes, shapes, fabric materials, and grime.

Prevent Crease and Wrinkles

Steaming or ironing out your wrinkled clothes is quite time-consuming. Adding a few ice cubes or using cold water to your laundry load will help you remove the wrinkling of your clothes. Although the hack is not as effective on heavier fabrics, it applies to lighter ones.

Wash Clothes When Necessary

Not washing your clothes is one of the obvious ways of saving time for laundry. However, it is not a recommended practice as it violates hygiene protocols. You can only do this hack for clothes that are not good to wash frequently. Denim jackets and jeans are only recommended to wash every 5 to 10 uses, as long as they look clean and do not smell. Freshen up your clothes by using a freshener and lint roller to remove any debris.

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Do Something Fun While Doing the Laundry

Sometimes, when you do laundry at home or the laundry service shop, you want to spend the time waiting for your laundry watching movies or videos for leisure, or listening to podcasts. Well, you can do these things to maximize your time.

While you may think it’s a waste of time doing something fun while waiting for the laundry, you have to remember that relaxation is part of your household task. You should not normalize burnout.

Laundry Hacks to Save Money

You might not notice but doing laundry is expensive. Using your laundry machine and dryer consumes a lot of water and electricity.

Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Models

If your current washer and dryer are a few years old already, it is best to upgrade them. It will not only reduce your utility bills, but an upgrade will also help you utilize more of your time. Energy-efficient models reduce your water use by 45% and energy consumption by 25%.

However, if an upgrade is not an option yet, you can consciously configure your washer’s settings. Set the washer level to the lowest setting and correct load size setting.

Use Cold Water in Wash Cycles

Washers use 90% of their energy consumption to heat water. If you wash your clothes in cold water, you reduce your energy usage significantly. New high-efficiency washing machines clean effectively with water. Ensure to use a HE-designed laundry detergent.

Natural Ingredients to Boost Cleaning Effect

Over time, buying laundry essentials becomes expensive. Instead of buying more dry sheets, stain removers, and detergent boosters, you can use the natural ingredients in your kitchen pantry. Use special laundry tablets when cleaning your washing machine. Running a cycle with one of these can get deep into the nitty-gritty of the grime, bacteria, and hidden dirt which assures your laundry is cleaner and smells good.

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You do not have to buy bleach or fabric softener to make your white clothes brighter. You can dilute 1 cup of distilled vinegar to your laundry load and soak your white clothes for 30 minutes. It helps remove stubborn stains.

Lemon, borax, liquid dishwashing soap are some of the pre-treatment stain removals that you can easily find around your home. You do not have to buy an expensive stain remover if these natural ingredients in your pantry have the same effectiveness.

If you cannot stand the idea of doing laundry, the best method to save time and money is to hire a laundry expert. Free yourself from stress. Most laundry cleaners charge their services per laundry weight. If you think paying laundry service a month is expensive, think again. It is more reasonable than buying luxury goods. Moreover, you do not have to pay for additional water and electricity consumption.

Laundry cleaners are experts in the field. You do not have to worry about making laundry mistakes or the time you have to spend doing laundry. They are the ones who will sort, wash, dry, iron, and fold your clothes.


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