African Print Bedding & Cushions For Sound Sleep

What’s more horrible than sleepless nights? Hi, I’m your guide helping you to find out the best African print bedding and cushions for sound sleep. Also, will let you know some recent facts and statistics about the world facing sleep disorder. 

Let’s Be Real!

I think apart from Covid-19, insomnia also acts as a pandemic as more than half of the world faces poor sleep. It’s crucial to understand the root issue disturbing the sleep cycle. In my case, over-thinking has forced me not to have an adequate sleep. Being sensitive led me to overthink about minute issues. Thankfully I’m moved out and getting better sleep at night. 

To improve your sleep, it’s crucial to create an aura. Many people will be talking about avoiding lights, cellphones, and much more for better sleep. However, I recognized the value of delightful bedding & soft cushions helping you to fall asleep.

Research by National Sleep Foundation

(Research by National Sleep Foundation, United States emphasizing the importance of mattress, bedding, and cushions/pillows for healthy sleep- applicable for all)

I discovered some best black owned bookshops in the UK selling beautiful home decor items. They are selling almost all useful products- bedding sets & cushions were my favourites. Moreover, these two were on my target shopping list! 

I was moved by the theme and design that helped me to focus on my health. They have a collection of inspiring bed covers (though carrying a different motive), but you won’t believe me that the bedding inspired me to have a good sleep without worrying about anything. I think a bit of inspiration always works well. I really hope you have the same experience!

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Recommended Sleep as per Age

Below is the image containing information about the sleep hours based on age. 

Recommended Sleep as per Age


The Bitter Truth

According to the American National Sleep Organization, 10 to 30 per cent of adults are facing chronic insomnia. About 66 per cent of adults more than 40 talk while sleeping. The statistics are categorized in more detail. 

After reading the records, I realized that poor sleeping habits become deadly if not treated timely. If you’re struggling with the issue, please consult a doctor. Moreover, follow some healthy tips to improve sleep quality. 

Sleep is essential for our health, and nothing is above health. It’s our duty to care about ourselves- look for all the help that you can get. There is nothing to shame about.

In the End

As above, I have mentioned how African bedding and cushions have helped me to have a good sleep. The bedding is true to quality. The fabric is soft and pushes you more towards sleeping. Moreover, hugging the gentle cushion makes you feel stress-free and delivers cosy sleep at night. 

Make your nights calming and sleep well!


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